How to Attract New Clients with a Simple Flyer

Flyers, if designed and promoted correctly, can result in a lot of publicity and can attract new clients to your business.

Read on to get some tips to create a flyer to attract new clients.

Get the Right Flyer Designer and the Right Paper

If you cannot design the flyer by yourself and only have a vague idea of what you need on your flyer, then you should call in the professionals.

A good designer and an equally good business flyer printing company can come up with a fantastic flyer. If you like a particular flyer from any other business, then try to find out the printing company they used and get in contact with them.

Use slightly thicker paper for your flyers, since it gives customers a better first impression and also ensures that your flyer will not be thrown away.

Use Related Photos

If your budget allows you to go for a high quality print business flyer, then print photos related to your business on your flyer. You can get high-quality photos from the Internet; and while some of them are free, there are others that can be procured for a small sum of money.

You could even print a photo of the product that you are trying to promote. Combine the photo with quality content, and don’t forget to print your punch line on the top. You could announce a clearance sale or the introduction of a new product.

If your office or store is located slightly away from a main thoroughfare, then make sure you print a map that shows people your location and how to get there. This is another way to attract new clients.

Print the Truth

Do not print false claims or print fraudulent information just to get clients through the door. This will tarnish your business’ name, and you will lose all respect once they find out the truth.

Stick to what you can genuinely deliver. Highlight any special offers that you might have. If possible, provide additional guarantees on your products to entice new customers. This is a tip in creating a flyer that you should not forget.

Use Innovative Methods to Distribute Your Flyers

You can employ children that deliver newspapers to deliver your flyers. You could also ask your spouse and children to drop the print business flyers in various mailboxes in surrounding neighborhoods.

You could enlist the help of your local messenger service or mailman to deliver your flyers after they are finished with their regular jobs.

This will ensure that your flyers reach the maximum number of homes and offices.


You may not get the desired result by sending out your flyers just once or twice – you will need a sustained campaign, since some people require repeated exposure in order for them be converted into customers.

Sending out print business flyers repeatedly will also familiarize your name in the eyes of your prospective clients. If possible, provide a discount offer on your flyer – this will provide you with feedback as to how many people are actually responding to your campaign.

Flyers are excellent if you need to increase your business within a limited geographical area.

These tips to create a flyer are a great way to attract new clients. It is not very expensive to maintain a sustained print business flyer campaign. Therefore, it is a good way to ensure that your business’ name is on everyone’s mind in your own and surrounding neighborhoods.