Finance & Accounting

Finding the Right Investor

If you need capital for your small business startup, there are plenty of options for finding the right investor. Learn more about how you can find a good investor and which one is right for you.

Pros and Cons of Offering Net 30

Do you want an advantage over your competitors? Consider extending your commercial client a line of credit, often referred to as Net 30. It may just give you the edge with your commercial clients that will prompt them to choose you over your competition.

Savvy Strategies for Lowering Business Debt

Without the right fiscal management, business debt can spiral out of control. Learn the facets of consolidation and strategies to save money so you can reduce your business debt.

4 Ways to Stay Ahead of New Business Tax Laws

Tax laws can be confusing, especially with the constantly changing stipulations for business filings. Learn where and how to get information about new business tax laws to ensure your company is poised for the most tax benefits.

4 Alternative Ways to Bring in Money with Your Small Business

Economic changes continue to make it difficult for small businesses to bring in money. However, financial help is just around the corner. Discover new ideas to raise money for small business in non-traditional ways.

5 Ways to Avoid a Small Business Audit

A tax audit is a significant drain of time and resources for any small business. Alleviate your stress and worry about a future small business tax audit. Discover helpful tips for reducing the likelihood of a small business tax audit from the IRS.

5 Tips for Successful Fundraising in a Recession

Fundraising in a recession can be a daunting task, but these five tips will help you revise your strategy into a recession proof model.

4 Ways to Establish Good Business Credit

Establishing good credit for a business requires strategy. Learn tips and tricks to obtain lines of credit, build relationships with vendors, and maintain good business credit.

3 Business Budgeting Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Budgeting mistakes can transform a profitable business into a worthless cause in no time. Become aware of the common follies that affect business budgeting and learn how to combat them.

Personal Tax Tips

No one likes filing their personal taxes. Transform this stressful process into a fast and simple one with these great personal tax tips.