Finance & Accounting

Financial Help for A Serious Business Problem: Debt Crisis Tips

If you have a small business, sooner or later you'll run into a cash crunch. But with a little creativity and a bit of savvy planning, you can avoid having your cash crunch turn into a full blown financial crisis.

Small Business Workers Compensation: Workers' Insurance

Worker's compensation insurance coverage varies from state to state. Here's what you need to know about it.

Fixed and Variable Cost Control: Effective Cost Cutting Strategies!

The costs of running a business can often overwhelm first-time small business owners. In order for a small business to be viable, especially during its initial years, entrepreneurs have to find ways of controlling their costs.

Financing a Startup Business: Financing Options and Programs

Getting a loan can be a simple and hassle free process - if you have the right kind of management, planning and organizations skills needed for the success of a business. There are a plethora of financial institutions that have a wide variety of options to choose from for your financing needs.

Business Debt Consolidation Plan: Small Business Financial Advisor & More

Good financial advisors have the skill to identify the nature of your financial problem and give you proper guidance to ensure that your financial status gets back on track.

How to Get Government Contract for Small Business

It is very important that you and your company play your cards right. Getting a government contract is all about who you know and the right timing.

Venture Capital Funding to Expand Your Business

Venture capital is private equity capital that is generally provided by an outside source, such as outside investors, to finance a new, growing or struggling business. Venture capital is a good potential source of funding your new, comparatively unproven enterprise if you think you have a promising future. However, venture capital is not easy to acquire, so be realistic in your expectations.

Best Line of Credit: Get a Business Line of Credit

Lenders are not likely to extend loans to a business that is relatively unestablished. Therefore, most small business owners need to rely on their own resources to finance their businesses.

Bankruptcy and Business: Causes of Bankruptcy

Business bankruptcy is a situation where a business has more liabilities than assets, and does not have sufficient finances to meet monetary obligations. It often serves as a relief to business owners who are overwhelmed financially and unable to find a way out.

Cash Flow Balance: Cash Balance Management for Business

Irrespective of how good the product, how established the brand name, how valuable the plant and machinery and how dedicated and competent the staff, a negative cash flow could cause your business to crash. Here's some tips on how to ensure you steer clear of problems.