Working Part-Time as a Garage Sale Promoter

There is a simple business idea that can make you fast cash in your free time. If you find yourself with extra time during the warmer months, then you might find starting a part-time garage sale listings business to be a great summer work option. Putting together a good garage sale takes a significant investment of time and energy. Busy working professionals don’t have the time or sales skills to invest in a garage sale.

As a part-time garage sale promoter, you will work one-on-one with individuals or families who want to clear out their houses and make room for new things. Garage sale listings and promotion is an easy business idea where you can apply your sales skills to make extra cash. You will be responsible for setting up the sale, pricing items accordingly, and most importantly, developing signs and advertising to generate interest. Most of these tasks are relatively simple; it just takes sales skills and a little extra time for summer work.

Garage sale promotion is an easy business idea that you can implement right in your own home. The majority of your time will be spent talking to potential clients on the phone, writing newspaper ads, and organizing merchandise in an attractive manner for the sale. Have fun with summer work as a part-time garage sale promoter.

Skills Required: sales skills, organization, recordkeeping, and time management skills

Organizing a garage sale takes a variety of skills, from fundamental knowledge about sales to organization skills. You will need to do some research in your area to see what times of the year are good to plan garage sales, as well as ascertain how to price items accordingly. In addition, you will need excellent recordkeeping skills so that you can keep track of the money your customers make and how much they owe you.

Startup Expenses: $100

The startup expenses for this part-time business idea are minimal. Some essential items you need to purchase include stickers, markers and garage sale signs. Most of these basics are available for your summer work at discount and dollar stores. You will also need to advertise your services online and in print so that clients can contact you and get their sales organized.

Monthly Revenues: $500 per month

There are several different ways that you can charge clients for your services as a garage sale promoter. A flat fee for your sales skills, advertising and sign service, plus a commission to be paid from the revenues on the sale, is the most logical way to charge.

Monthly Expenses: $50

Monthly expenses for a garage sale promotion are very minimal. Items like stickers and tape can be restocked from a discount or dollar store. The customers should be covering the cost of classified advertising. All that is left to fund your summer work is the cost of gas for traveling from sale to sale.

Time to Break Even: 2 months

Within two months, you should be able to successfully promote 2-4 garage sales in your area. The earnings from 2-4 sales will be more than enough to break even.

Working as a garage sale promoter is fun summer work that will strengthen your sales skills. This business idea is easy to pick up as the season demands. It is a great way to earn extra cash while working part-time from home.