Human Resources

How to Manage New Employees: Orientation, Training and First Day Tips

Developing the right team for your organization is critical for your future success, and making a good first impression from day one is even more important. Discover tips for executing flawless new employee orientations and training.

5 Tips for Hiring Your First Employee

Hiring your first employee is difficult, but with these tips, you can utilize tactics that will make you successful from the very first hire.

Effective Tips for Performing an Online Job Search

Applying for jobs is as easy as clicking a button these days. Learn how to maximize your efficiency and apply for jobs online.

5 Ways to Retain Top Employees

Small businesses struggle to retain and recruit top employees. Learn a more targeted approach to recruitment and tips for keeping the best employees.

Hiring Tips: Getting the Most Out of Freelancers

Hiring freelancers can be a unique alternative to full or part-time employees when your budget is tight, but your company needs an extra hand. Learn how to find the best freelancers and build strong relationships with them.

3 Effective Non-Monetary Motivation Ideas

The economic downturn has minimized bonuses, pay raises and promotions in businesses across all industries. Learn how to use non-monetary motivation to keep your staff on their toes and the doors of your business open.

Tips for Encouraging Proper Office Behavior

Your employees and their behavior have a direct impact on your work environment and your profits. These five tips will help you encourage better business behavior in your workforce.

Small Business Retirement Plan Options for Employees

Employee retirement plans are a great perk to consider adding to your small business. Explore the different business retirement plan options, contribution systems, as well as the benefits for employees and employers.

Which Retirement Plan is Best for Your Small Business?

Retirement plans can be confusing to set up, but they are important for your small business. Learn the pros and cons of retirement plans, as well as how to protect your own future as a small business owner.

Do You Need More Business Help? Getting the Business Staff You Need

There comes a time when you just need a little help. When starting your own businesses it's best to find a few employees to help you with the daily tasks so you can focus on running your business.