Human Resources

How to Save Time and Money by Hiring Contractors

Typically, a small business will start out based on a specific skill set possessed by the entrepreneur who starts the business. Here’s how to grow your business without doing every single task involved.

Unsatisfied Employees? Increase Your Employee Satisfaction!

Anyone who has been in business for any length of time knows that keeping a good employee is much less expensive and time consuming than having to find, hire and train a new employee.

Employee Benefit Packages For Small Businesses

Some small business owners think that they cannot compete for top talent against the huge list of benefits offered by large corporations. That, however, is not always true. Employee benefit packages for small businesses can be just as enticing.

Does Your Business Have an Internal Communications Strategy?

The best laid plans don’t matter much if the people needed to properly execute those plans do not have all the information they need. Good internal communications are vital to running any business effectively.

How to Save Time and Money with Outsourcing

More and more businesses are finding the benefits of outsourcing some of their work. In the past, some businesses required a large number of employees to accomplish all of the tasks necessary to make their business run.

Employees That Can Endanger Your Small Business

Your small business may run very successfully due to the combined efforts of yourself and your employees. But there might be times when some of your employees could take advantage of their position or a particular situation.

Sharing the Wealth: Hiring New Employees

If you run a small business and are pretty good at what you do, at some point you will need to start thinking about hiring other people and paying them out of the proceeds that your business generates.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Part-Time Employees

If your small business is seasonal or if there are times when you require additional employees, then you could consider hiring part time employees.

Laying off Workers and Coping with Corporate Downsizing

Downsizing is a painful experience – even more so if you are the one who has to do the firing. Here’s how to make sure your remaining employees stay productive and motivated.

Online Employee Search: Internet Employee Recruitment

Utilizing the Internet to search for high quality employees is a smart strategy. You are able to increase your reach, stretch your dollar, and get instant feedback from people interested in your job position. Make your plan, and try it for your next hire!