Human Resources

Skills to Look For In Employees: Hire Right Employee

Growing businesses need customers- and employees! You can't do it all by yourself. But finding the right employee can be a challenge of its own. In this article we'll look at the skills you want to look for in an employee as well as specific questions you can ask them in an interview.

Need to Take a Vacation? Planning for Business, Vacation Help

Small business owners get a lot of great perks when they quit the "rat race" and become entrepreneurs. Gone are the daily commutes, the angry bosses, the annoying coworkers, the mandatory work parties, and dress shoes and ties. But gone, too, are vacations. As a whole, entrepreneurs miss out on vacations...and are probably one group that needs them the most.

How to Hire a Consultant

There are many experts out there who want to share their knowledge with you. Hiring a consultant for your business may be a good idea, but don't pick up the phone just yet. Here are things you'll want to do to get the most out of the experience.

Tips for Hiring Workers

You've come a long way, baby! Your business is booming and you realize that you can't handle it on your own. Now it's time to consider hiring someone else. Here are 4 must-do's before you place that "help wanted" advertisement in the paper.

Dealing with Bad Boss: Characteristics of a Bad Boss

How to create a company that employees love to work for.

Qualities, Traits & Characteristics of Good Employees

When looking for a job, it's easy to believe that employers hold all the trump cards. But those on the hiring end also face a challenge: finding good people. There are lots of clinkers out there.

Benefits of Employee Training Program: Employee Training Plan

Training is a way of life for professionals, semi-professionals, and most tradespersons. Training is not a lesser chore you get around to someday; it is necessary to the success of your business.

Sample Interview Questions to Ask the Employer

Some managers know how to interview; most don't. Some spend so much time trying to sell the applicant on the company they never listen to what he or she says. Others are so terrified of making a hiring mistake, they become uncomfortable..

Dealing with Unacceptable Employee Behavior Problems

Shoppers desire more than opening their wallets or swiping their credit cards with the latest technology. They want to feel good about their shopping experience, they want to feel appreciated, better yet, they love to be recognized; a "Hello Mrs. Jones" does wonders in building customer loyalty.

Getting Fired Survival: Reasons People Get Fired

It should come as no surprise that as company after company announces layoffs and cutbacks, the problem of how to fire people properly has cropped up. After all, if so many employers haven't figured out how to hire correctly or manage people properly once hired, is it a surprise they don't know how to get rid of them, either?