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Small Business Insurance: Small Business Risk Factors

Small business involves a lot of risks. There is personal and financial risk in starting a small business. However, you can identify some predictable and unpredictable factors that are particularly risky and take suitable measures to counter them.

Types of Small Business Insurance: Importance of Having Them

Few words can make someone run in the other is one of them. The very thought conjures up images of insurance salesmen, lengthy contracts, and unnecessary payments. And yet, business insurance can be vital to the survival of your company. In this article, we'll talk about the types of insurance you need.

Make Money: Small Business Licensing Opportunities

Licensing is an entrepreneur's dream: it's the opportunity to make money from someone else's success. As a business owner, here are two ways that you can make money from licensing. Does your business allow you to use one or the other (or both)? Can you build this great idea into next year's business plan?

Patent an Invention: Learn from Experience

Since I have been in the business of product development for almost 40 years, I have certainly had many learning experiences. Here are a few of the lessons I learned:

Patent Protection: Protect Your Investment & Patent Your Ideas

When you build a product, take steps to protect it. Here's how to get started.

Why Patent My Invention and Other Patent Information

Patenting can cost thousands of dollars, but it may save you millions.

Product Pitch: Presenting Your Product Ideas

A checklist of what you will need when pitching your ideas to investors.

New Product Development Process: Four-Step Process

Part 2: How to build and price your products.

Present Your Product: Product Business Model

A picture, or better yet, a physical model, of your product can help you sell much better than a description of it.

Launching a New Product? Take the Plunge!

How to decide whether to start your own business.