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Intellectual Property Patent: Intellectual Property Rights

Know what you can and can't do with your proprietary material.

File a Patent for Your Intellectual Property

Does it make sense to patent your product? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Learn why.

New Invention Ideas: Fill a Need to be Successful

Design your products with the customer in mind.

Inventing Has Perks

Fun things can happen when you're an inventor.

Getting a Patent: Path to a Patent

Tips on how to get a patent (written by an inventor who has numerous patents).

Who Built the Internet?

Although it seems like just a few years, the Internet is actually over 30 years old.

Intellectual Property Profit: Determining Dollar Values for Data

Information brokers sell all kinds of data to businesses. How much is it worth?

Commercial Receivables Insurance & Small Business Receivable Risks

Every business owner seeks to minimize the financial risks inherent in his business operations and available profit opportunities. Here's how you can achieve success through risk management.