Sample Employee Feedback Survey Questions

You can read through the entire Business Resource Center web site, but the best source of advice on how to boost your company's profits may be right under your nose. It's your own workforce.

Establishing an Incentive Compensation Program for Employees

Motivating employees through incentives is important. Here's why and how to create an incentive compensation program.

Dispose of Wholesale Surplus Inventory and Slow Moving Inventory

In every business there are hits and misses--hot selling goods or services and real dogs that nobody seems to want. Often, the difference between a businesses' success or failure is the ability to distinguish between the two, and the courage to cut losses quickly by disposing of the doggies.

Sublet Unused Office Space

Typically, managers respond to tough times by trying to increase sales. But that's only one way to survive a bad economy. Reducing a company's ongoing operating expenses is often the shortest route back to profitability.

Employee Compensation Bonus: Non-Cash Bonus for Employees

When the economy is strong and business is really humming, it's appropriate to reward productive workers with salary increases or cash bonuses.

Reduce Retirement Plan Contributions: Limits & More

A retirement plan is one of the most important benefits you can offer to valued people in your organization. These plans not only enable you to reward long-time employees, but also encourage newcomers to sink roots and build a career with your company.

Sample Employee Bonus Programs & Employee Bonus Incentives

Make no mistake, an employee bonus--whether it's cash, or a gift, or time off, or something else of value--can be a powerful tool to motivate a workforce. But an employee bonus can also be a colossal waste of money.

Hiring Consultants: Independent Contractor vs. Employee

The IRS has different ways for you to handle taxes for an independent contractor and for your employees. Here are 20 questions you can use to identify who falls into which category.

The Impact of Expert Systems

Reuters estimates that they save over one million dollars. IBM's estimates are in the tens of millions. The IRS estimates that they collect over one-hundred million dollars in previously uncollectible revenue. Just what are these organizations employing to save so much money?

Laws About Getting Fired: Rights You Have, Wrongful Discharge

As an employer, you have to be careful when you hire and fire people, even if you're a tiny business. Make sure you get all your ducks in a row before first. Here are some ways to do it.