Handling the Job Search: Tips for Getting a New Job in a Recession

Millions of people have recently revised their resumes in search of new jobs during this economic recession. With an open mind and strategic approach, it is possible to find jobs in a recession. Read on to discover helpful hints for a successful job search.

5 Ways to Form Customer Relationships Effectively

It is important for you to build and form customer relationships when running your own business. Learn how to gain loyal customers for your business.

How Your Small Business Can Become A Green Business

Build your corporate social responsibility by making your business greener. See how your business can go green with these simple tips. Put these tips into action to make your business green friendly.

7 Recession Effects of the Recession Cycle

Economic cycles, or business cycles as they are also known, are basically fluctuations in the economy that end up impacting various industries and business. When the economy is in full swing, this fluctuation is known as a boom - and when the economy is down and inflation is up, then that cycle is known as a recession.

5 Effects of Recession: Impact of Recession That Could Ruin Your Business

The U.S. economy is on the brink of a full scale recession and several other economies are on the verge of being dragged along. Now is a good time to observe the 5 following points, which highlight how a recession could ruin your small business.

Marketing in a Recession: 5 Ideas to Win Sales

With economists crying out ‘recession’ at every chance they get, it will pay off if you are ready to face the downturn - if it has not yet hit your business.

Do You Need More Business Help? Getting the Business Staff You Need

There comes a time when you just need a little help. When starting your own businesses it's best to find a few employees to help you with the daily tasks so you can focus on running your business.

Networking for Small Businesses Can Add Up to Big Profits

Networking isn't just for big businesses. It's important for small business owners to network as well. Using online forums and networking groups you can get your small business questions answered through networking.

Virtual Management for the Real World

With online businesses you have to find the right way to manage them effectively. Sometimes virtual management works but could lack clarity. Find out how you can mange your virtual business successfully.

Bartering Business: Bartering Services or Products

"Bartering.'' The word just doesn't sound professional, does it? In fact, the first time bartering was suggested to me a few years ago, I dismissed it pretty quickly. Then, one day I went on a call to a prospective client...