Online Business

Benefits of Having a Website

If you are thinking of business expansion and reaching out to customers, the Internet is probably your best option. However, you should keep a few things in mind before you design your website.

Benefits of Internet Marketing for Customers

The first stage of Internet marketing starts with the development of a unique product or service that requires low capital investments and can be easily delivered through the Internet.

Making Money on the Internet & Selling on the Internet

The Internet is a vast resource of information, products and services. When used properly, you can maximize your publicity and your sales. Here are some tips on maximizing profit by selling on the Internet.

Business Blog Advice: Are Blogs Dead?

With all this attention to online video, including copyright issues, marketing opportunities, and the ability of "the common person" to produce videos with cell phones and share them with the world, one has to wonder what this means for blogs.

What are Social Sites and Make Money from Social Networking Sites

Last year it was blogs. This year it is viral video. Next year it will be social sites. In this article we'll talk about what social sites are, why they are the new rage, and determine whether or not you can make money from them.

Tagging Sites: What it is and How it Can Benefit You

First there were directories. Then there were algorithms. Today, tagging is changing the face of online search. In this article, you'll discover what tagging is, how it can help your business, and what you can do to leverage its benefit today.

Viral Marketing Strategies & Viral Marketing Ideas

The least expensive form of advertising is word of mouth; it's the brass ring of marketing that every business owner craves. The online version of word of mouth advertising is called "viral marketing". Here's what you need to do to get yours started.

Does Your Business Website Work for Your Type of Business?

Websites allow us to interact with our customers and prospects on their terms, at their convenience. The right website can help you increase business and improve customer service. But not all sites are created equally. In this article, we'll look at ways of improving your site for your type of business.

Email Marketing Strategy: Steps to Opt-in Email Marketing Success

When you get a good idea, it's easy to get excited and run with it. Careful planning, though, is necessary to ensure that you have fully developed your email marketing strategy before you actually implement your new idea. Business may now move at the speed of light, but one small misstep early on will put you in the wrong direction. This step-by-step method will help you stay on track.

Choosing a Domain Name For Your Business

Let's say that you're creating a website for Barb's Specialty Pet Products. Should the domain name be