How to Recruit the Best Talent for Your Business

A business owner is most successful when he or she has quality and talented employees on staff. However, employee recruiting and finding the best workers is not always an easy chore. Simply putting a “Help Wanted” sign in your front window or on Craigslist is not the best recruitment strategy.

Here are five tested talent acquisition strategies that can help you find the best employees for the right job.

  1. Recruit Former Workmates

    Oftentimes a small business owner was once an employee too. Usually those who have management or executive experience in the corporate world have contacts within their former employer with whom they already have a good rapport and feel would be a good fit into their business.

    Although some may consider “stealing” employees from former employers unethical, you don’t have to be underhanded. Approach your targeted candidates and offer to discuss your proposal outside of business hours. Try to sell them on your business concept and convince them why your business will succeed, especially if they are on board with your team. Sometimes a former co-worker may be looking for new opportunities and jump onboard.

  2. Create Clear, Detailed Job Descriptions

    In order to find the right candidate in your recruitment strategy, you need to know exactly what job you need to fill. Determine your staff needs. Write job descriptions for each position, noting specific job duties and general qualifications. This will help a candidate identify a potential position they are qualified for, and it will help you identify the right candidate for the job.

    In addition, make sure you sell the position in your job description. Are the hours flexible and the benefits comprehensive? Is the environment casual and friendly, and is the work inspirational? If you “sell” the position, more candidates will apply – which increases the probability that one of the best employees for the job will walk through the door.

  3. Expand Your Job Posting List

    Gone are the days of “Help Wanted” signs. You now have tools that can help you reach the right candidates. Post your job notices online through, your local online job notices, and even your local Craigslist. Blog about your job opening and make sure you have a “careers” page on your website.

  4. Ask the Right Questions

    The job interview is one of the most important talent acquisition tools. You as an employer may only get 30 to 60 minutes to talk to a potential candidate and determine if whether they are a good fit. Thus, that very short time must be spent wisely. Develop specific, open-ended questions that require detailed answers. Take notes, but also observe the candidate’s body language and poise. You must learn all you can within that short amount of time to make the wisest observations possible about their answers, appearance, and personality.

  5. Check the References

    You should always ask for and check references from a potential candidate. If you have a positive interview, the next step is obtaining more information from others that can solidify or break your decision. Call former employers and ask about their motivation and achievements. Don’t be afraid to ask what the former employer felt could be improved. Check personal references and ask questions about the candidate’s cooperation and enthusiasm. Having this additional information from others can provide a solid foundation for your final decision on the best candidate for the job.