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How a Business Degree Can Translate into Entrepreneurial Success

Don’t have an Ivy League education? Don’t worry. Your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur don’t depend on your Ivy League roots. Read on to find out how your business degree from any college can help you become a successful small business owner.

Success Through Recognition: Applying for the 2010 SBA Small Business Award

One of the easiest ways to generate excitement and build credibility for your small business is by receiving an award from the Small Business Administration. Learn what types of awards are available, how to get nominated, and how to nominate others.

5 Free Business Advice Resources

Business advice doesn’t have to cost a dime. Capitalize on valuable resources for finding business advice with little to no cost.

6 Ways to Minimize Business Travel Costs

Economic changes have greatly impacted business travel expenses. Learn how to minimize travel expenses for business and save money for your small business.

Women and Business: A Growing Force of Success

Women are taking the business world by storm. Discover the myriad of resources and tools becoming available to women in business.

How to Take a Vacation from your Small Business

Small business owners rarely have time for a relaxing vacation. Learn how to prepare your staff and your company so that you can spend a few days away.

Achieving Entrepreneurial Zen: Balancing Work and Life

It's not always easing to achieve a good work life balance. Get advice on how to start balancing work and life and make the most of each.

Entrepreneur Characteristics: Personal Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Part 1 of 2 to help you decide whether to take the plunge.

Time is Money Calculator

Determine if your purchases are really worth your time and money. During these economically hard times, we provide you with a helpful tool capable of showing you how many of those precious work hours that new MP3 player, laptop, or car will really cost you.

Time is Money Calculator Resources

Now that you've seen how many hours you need to work in order to make your desired purchase, check out these articles about budgeting, making more money and finding a new or better paying job.