Tips & Tools

Web Based Employee Timesheet Training Program

Keep track of your employee's time with a web based program. See this business proposal for implementing a web based timesheet training program.

Website Redesign Proposal Template

Want to redesign your company's website? See this proposal template to see how you can propose a website redesign.

Remote Contributor Proposal

Responding to a request for proposal for a remote contributor? Create a remote contributor proposal with the guidance of this sample proposal.

Website Design Proposal Template

Does your company need a website? Here you'll find a website design proposal to help you plan for your new business website.

Qualities That Make a Good Entrepreneur

According to recent studies, about one hundred thousand millionaires are created each year in the United States. Most of these are business owners. This implies that your best chance of becoming a millionaire in the United States is to start your own business.

Small Business Productivity & Increasing Your Productivity Tips

Most people think that increasing productivity means to buy more equipment, such as computers, fax modems or cell phones. But productivity can be increased dramatically by using some very effective time management techniques that can be done by practically anyone and don't require purchasing expensive gadgets and equipment.

Serial Entrepreneur: A Unique Type of Entrepreneur

Of all these businesses, some succeed, some fail, but all of the entrepreneurs who started them long for a golden future.

Job Transitioning: Role of the Entrepreneur During Business Growth

It can be a scary leap to go from sitting in a cubicle with a guaranteed paycheck to sitting at your dining room table not knowing how you will be paying next month's bills. Ahhh, the life of the new entrepreneur! It's filled with stress and excitement and new ideas and a huge learning curve.

Business Time Management: Where to Spend your Time

New and growing businesses should plan every aspect of their operations to encourage maximum success. Often, that planning revolves around assets like finances and staffing as small business owners decide where to spend their money and where their employees are most effective. Aside from this kind of planning, entrepreneurs should also plan their time with the same level of detail and attention. In this article we'll talk about the place you should avoid spending your time and the place you should try to spend most of your time.

Edward Deming's 14 Principles: Business Quality Improvement

If you do any reading about business, productivity, management, or leadership, you have likely heard of W. Edward Deming and his impact on global business processes. Deming was more than just a statistician with an interest in improving processes, he was a visionary. Although he is best known for his work in large organizations, he has a thing or three to teach entrepreneurs.