How Social Media Can Improve Your Website

We have previously discussed why social media is an important part of your business marketing and branding. There is no doubt that social media has become a strong medium for small business to get their message to new customers and stay in touch with existing customers. But how can you incorporate social media with your own small business website to make it work effectively?

Using social media as part of your overall marketing mix can reap big rewards if you play your cards right. The best strategy is integrating your social media activities within your own website, increasing the ways in which you connect with your customers. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Form a Social Media Policy

First and foremost, you need to form a social media policy. Much like a business plan helps keep your business on track, a social media policy will be your guide to using social media and the strategy you will utilize with social media applications and platforms.

Think about how you want social media to work for your small business. Do you want to gain more customers? Stay in touch with existing ones? Build your business brand? Increase sales? Your social media policy will help answer these types of questions.


Twitter is one of the most user-friendly when it comes to incorporating your tweets on your website. Twitter offers a social media application that you simply cut and paste into your website markup. Every time you post a new tweet, it will show up on your front page of your website where visitors can see. This is also a good way to gain more followers on Twitter. If you update frequently and offer great deals, your Twitter following could grow tremendously.


YouTube is another way to using social media within your website. YouTube also offers a user-friendly way to include videos in your website. If you create short videos and post them to YouTube, you can simply cut and paste an “imbed” code into your website where visitors can view the content at any time. You can also imbed any video from YouTube within your website that you feel may be of interest or use to your customers.


Facebook has many social media applications for your business website. Similar to Twitter, you can include a feed from your Facebook status updates onto your website. You can also create custom links to your Facebook page, also called a “vanity URL,” where you can easily direct online visitors to and from your Facebook account. In addition, you can set up reverse feeds into Facebook, and it will post an automatic status update whenever you add a blog post, or add new photos from Flickr, etc.

Take advantage of these social media applications to build your internet presence. The more you find different ways to connect with customers, the stronger your earning potential is. Using social media consistently within your own website can help not only build followers and fans, but increase traffic and make sales.