Getting to the Site

Tips on organizing and accessing your favorite web sites.

Website Access Logs: Hit Counts, Website Traffic & More

Counting "hits" is actually a notoriously unreliable way to determine who's actually roaming around your site. Do you know who your site's visitors are?

Free Website Hosting for Business: You Get What You Paid For

If you're ready to expand your customer base but not your storefront, setting up shop on the Web is an excellent way to go.

Website Design Tips: Making Your Web Site Usable

Want to create a Web site that will attract visitors, keep them there -- and keep them coming back for more? Here's how...

An Intranet's Life Cycle: The Corporate Intranet

The key to managing corporate intranets may lie in understanding that they have "life cycles." From their formal introduction into the company, intranets mature as they are integrated into a business.

Internet Growth & Better Choices in Web Hosting Service Providers

Finding a company to host your Web site used to be like shooting bottles in the dark. Web hosting companies were unknown entities without proven business records. The explosive growth of the Internet has led to an increasing number of these companies.

Tips for Buying Domain Names & Domain Registration Hosting

Companies that want to establish an identity online need to obtain a good domain name. However, worthwhile names in the domain are dwindling fast. Learn what you can do when the domain name you want is already taken.

Finding the Best Web Hosting for Your Business

Finding the best host for your company's Web site is one of the most important steps when taking your business online.

Privacy Seal Program: Will Consumers Embrace Privacy Seals?

After completing a sale with an online merchant, your personal information is now in their hands. Now a well-known offline consumer protection group is offering a solution to online privacy concerns.

XML: Here to Stay

Businesses usually hesitate before taking the plunge with a new technology, as they should. No one wants to be left holding the bag when a faddish technology flames out. XML is moving beyond cutting-edge into the realm of business usefulness.