3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Vital Computer Data

3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Vital Computer Data

While the falling cost of computers, software and peripherals has helped even small businesses to automate on a larger scale, they have also become vulnerable to attacks from within and from the outside.

Here are some simple tips to protect your vital computer data from falling into the wrong hands.

Use Passwords for Different Levels of Work

If your employees are working on the same computers or using common servers, then restrict them to their level by using different passwords. This will keep your data safe.

Remember to change your passwords frequently and keep your current password list secure.

Use Good Anti-Virus Software

If you are using the Internet or exchanging data between different storage media like CD’s and pen drives, then you need to install a good anti-virus software program. 

The program should not only detect viruses and Trojans, but also remove them without damaging your files.

Don’t try to save money by installing free anti-virus software that can only detect a limited number of viruses.

Restrict the type of websites that your employees can visit to lower the chances of an infection.

Perform Multiple Backups and Store Them in a Secure Place

Do not allow your employees to use pen drives or mobile data storage devices with USB ports.

Perform multiple backups of your data and store them at different places that are under lock and key. Your accounting and inventory package should have a password- enabled backup and restore program so that only you can take the backup of data.

Even though computers have made your life so much easier, overlooking these cautions will open the door for misuse of your vital data.

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