4 Keys to a Great Website

4 Keys to a Great Website

Once you have your domain name and web hosting service, you may think the trip to a wonderful website is almost over. Think again – it’s really just beginning.

As your website is designed and brought to life, there are a lot of things you need to manage what it’s doing – and not doing – to keep your customers happy.


One major mistake made by many business owners on their website is to try and tell the customers EVERYTHING about their company.

Keep in mind the average potential customer is going to pop onto your site and may decide in 30 seconds or so if they are going to stay – and if you are going to get their business.

If they have to read through pages of information to decide if you are the right company to work with, they are going to move on.

Make sure your site focuses on what you want to sell, why people should come to you, and anything else that makes you stand out in your market.

Load Speed

How long will it take someone to get your website to load?

If you have a site filled with pictures, graphics, videos, audio and other additions, people with slower connections may have a tough time getting your page to load, and may go elsewhere.

Streamline where you can.

Ease of Navigation

If a buyer has to go through various pages on your website, don’t make it difficult. Have obvious, easy to use navigation buttons to avoid frustrating them.

Contact Information

Make sure there are easy and obvious ways for customers to contact you. Not only is this good for customer service, but it also helps to build trust with potential customers. You are letting them know you are willing to talk to them.

In addition to these tips, make sure you have a central and consistent theme on your website. This way, you will begin to create your own brand and style that is visible on every page.

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