5 Best Mail-In Gifts for Your Loyal VIP Customers

High-value customers are buyers who are loyal to your brand and, as a result, contribute to your business growth and success. They’ve inspired you to grow your brand through loyalty. Inspire and help them remember you by giving them a gift.
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You probably already know that your business, regardless of the industry or size, wouldn’t exist without customers. And one of the major things that guarantee recurring and lifelong customers is customer satisfaction. But that’s only possible when you commit to offering exceptional customer service.

As a business, you want your clients to not only stick around for the long term but also become your brand’s biggest advocates. Because here’s the thing—customers want to feel deeply cared for and appreciated. Your brand should not only build a meaningful connection with customers but also prove to be dependable when it comes to offering seamless customer experiences. These two factors will help you enhance your customer retention and inspire customer loyalty.

Why customer loyalty is Important

  • Customer loyalty means more business revenue. Customers spend 67 percent more on their purchases when shopping from businesses they’re loyal to. Increasing customer retention by 5 percent can increase your business’s profits by about 25 percent.
  • Customer loyalty creates brand ambassadors. 90 percent of your customers will talk about their experience with your brand to others. Those who are happy and satisfied with your service will speak positively about you, thereby helping you attract new customers.
  • Customer loyalty drives repeat business. 60 percent of consumers will shop more frequently from businesses and brands they’re loyal to.

What Defines a VIP Customer?

Chances are you’ve spotted VIP lounges at an Airport. Or VIP seats at a big event. What’s special about these lounges or seats is that those who occupy them tend to be “special guests.” They are given special perks and treated differently from everyone else.

The same principle applies (or should at least apply) for your most loyal customers.

As a business owner, you should identify and reward loyal customers by giving them special treatment. They are your VIPs and should be treated as such. But how do you identify them?

Here’s what defines who a VIP customer is:

  • Multiple purchases. Analyze your customer data to identify the customers who have been making more purchases and visiting your store more frequently. Customers with the highest number of total orders from your store are high-value customers.
  • Full-price purchases. A customer with a history of making full-price purchases is likely to be loyal, and, therefore, worthy of the VIP tag.
  • Average Order Value. Take the time to calculate each customer’s average order value to determine those who deserve the VIP barge.
  • Type of Products Purchased. High-value customers would be those that have a history of purchasing items that give you a high-profit margin.
  • Customer lifetime value. Extend VIP offers only to customers who have proven to have a high lifetime value (LTV).

What Mail-In Gifts Can You Give Your Loyal VIP Customers?

If you’re looking to show your most loyal VIP customers that you value and appreciate them, here are a few mail-in gift suggestions for your consideration.

Branded Gifts

Imagine you’re relaxing at home with family then a direct mail service delivers a package at your doorstep. You quickly open it and, to your surprise, there’s a box of your favorite chocolate and custom promotional items, like a branded notebook, shirt, or bottle of wine. Upon checking the sender, you realize the package is from a local store you frequent.

Now, think of how your loyal VIP customers will feel if you did the same to each one of them.

Branded gifts can be anything from calendars, notebooks, stickers, and pens, to food gifts and product samples. All you need is to brand them with your logo. Focus on personalizing your gift and getting creative with the packaging.


Gifting your loyal customers doesn’t have to feel like a burden. The goal should be to get them something unique, thoughtful, and memorable. In fact, it shouldn’t be any different from how you gift a loved one. And what’s better than getting your VIP customers a personalized succulent plant gift? Plants make a perfect gift as they symbolize growth and inspire commitment.

Furthermore, having plants at work and/or home has been shown to decrease levels of anxiety, improve memory, and boost creativity. They also help improve productivity. The workplace can be draining and stressful. As such, sending your loyal VIP customers a succulent plant would be a great way to keep your brand in their mind every moment they see it at their desk. Consider giving your plant gift a personal touch by adding your company logo or a special note.

Gift Basket

Think about the last time you had a friend or loved one get you a well-chosen gift basket. It could have been on your birthday, anniversary, or a well-deserved promotion at work.Chances are the gift basket was customized to your specific taste and had some of the things you love and cherish. You alone can describe how you felt. And you’d definitely want your loyal customers to feel that way—valued, cherished, and appreciated.

Whether you choose to send them a gourmet food basket, a drink gift basket, or a tech gift basket, consider adding in a special personalized note. Also, make sure you customize the basket to each of your client’s preferences and tastes.


As mentioned, the best corporate gifts should be thoughtful and memorable. And gifting your loyal VIP customers with freshly roasted gourmet coffee, cocoa, or flavored tea is a great way to make them remember you every day as they enjoy their favorite beverage. You can even personalize your coffee gift set with a special message that will make the experience unique and exceptional for each customer.

Online Classes

High-value customers are buyers who are loyal to your brand and, as a result, contribute to your business growth and success. They’ve inspired you to grow your brand through loyalty. Why not inspire and help them grow as well by giving them a gift card to an online course?

It doesn’t always have to be something they can quickly consume such as food and drinks. Online courses can provide your loyal customers with a unique and memorable experience. You’re giving them an opportunity to hone their skills and explore some of their lifelong interests.

Creative online courses to consider include cooking classes, painting, calligraphy, photography, hand embroidery, dog training, learning a new language, etc.

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