5 Good Reasons to Switch Your Company to a VoIP System

Choosing a small business phone system can be confusing. Here are some of the most important reasons why your business should consider a VoIP system.
benefits of voip

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecommunication system that sends data using the internet. You can make and receive calls and send messages using a stable internet connection. The internet is much faster and reliable than a traditional phone line. The telephone is still an essential part of business communication, but VoIP has emerged as an advanced telephone system to cater to the telecommunication needs of your business.

Choosing a small business phone system can be confusing. There are numerous benefits of VoIP that traditional telephony cannot offer. Flexibility, convenience, efficiency, and cost savings are just a few of the many benefits of switching to VoIP from the conventional phone system. Here are some of the most important reasons why your business should switch to a VoIP system.

1. Better Accessibility

Unlike traditional telephony, you don’t have to keep sitting on your desk or be next to your landline telephone set to receive or make a call. A VoIP allows you to make and receive phone calls and send messages anywhere. You can have the VoIP system activated on multiple devices such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. Thus, you can send a voicemail, get a text, receive an email, and answer a call when you are using a VoIP. Another benefit of VoIP is that it allows you to have virtual numbers with local area codes. This means your customers can directly call you from their local numbers even if your company is located in another country. Therefore, VoIP enables your customers to contact you easily and improve your chances to garner more business.

2. Reduce Cost

There are further benefits of VoIP over traditional telephony. You can get the added benefits for very little to no cost when you are using VoIP. You are not required to pay for added features like call forwarding, voicemail, video calling, conferencing, and more as VoIP comes includes all of them. VoIP also eliminates the charges of long-distance calling as you can make calls anywhere in the world using internet connection. Thus, Voice over Internet Protocol provides more for less and helps you reduce operating costs and save money.

3. Better Management of Network

VoIP system comes with tools that enable you to better control over comprehensive network management. It allows you to monitor and manage the data packets that run over the WAN and LAN. Moreover, your VoIP gives you more options to fix any network issues quickly before they affect your business communication and customer services. All the tools that VoIP offers help you monitor the local and remote networks. When you switch to a dedicated VoIP system, the quality of the communication network it provides is near to perfect. Thus, with a VoIP network, you can easily detect the symptoms of network problems and easily make changes before the issues get worse.

4. Enables Integration

VoIP connects all the communications. This means that all your clients, business partners, and coworkers can contact you through the same business number. VoIP system can also integrate with multiple devices so that you can make calls, send voicemails via emails. Thus, when you get a call through a VoIP system, all the VoIP enabled devices will ring simultaneously, so no call is missed, no matter wherever you are. Thus, a VoIP allows you to choose where and how your call will ring. You can select the first few rings of your call to ring on your office’s phone set. If a call is not answered, it will be forwarded to the second or third device, such as the laptop or mobile, whichever is VoIP enabled and connected to the internet. Therefore, VoIP minimizes the chances of a call to be missed if it is urgent.

5. Ease of Use

Another great advantage of a VoIP system is that it offers ease of use. Although VoIP is an advanced form of telecommunication, yet it is easy to use and doesn’t involve complicated tech support. You will rarely face any significant issues in the VoIP network as it is user-friendly. Moreover, it is simpler to add phone lines in VoIP when you have new employees in your office. VoIP is particularly advantageous for businesses with employees working from home or in multiple locations. The employees working outside the office can bring their business phone lines anywhere they go. All they need to have is an active internet connection, and VoIP will transfer them calls on their device. Therefore, VoIP eliminates the communication gaps and hurdles for the employees working remotely.

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