5 Steps to Finding the Right Mentor for Your Small Business

5 Steps to Finding the Right Mentor for Your Small Business

If you are new to your business, then it would be a good idea to get the help of a mentor who will be able to guide you as you take your first baby steps.

A mentor can accelerate your chances of success and help you to avoid the pitfalls on the way. Here are 5 steps on finding the right mentor for your small business.

  1. Your Mentor Should Have Related Business Experience. It is essential that your mentor has experience in the line of business that you have started or are planning to start.

    If your mentor doesn’t have experience in your field, then it will be very difficult for them to assess your business’ realities and guide you properly. An experienced mentor can use their past experience to help you run your business more smoothly.

  2. Your Mentor Should Gain Your Trust. Your mentor should guide you by keeping your best interests in mind. That will build mutual trust, and you will have confidence in following their guidance.
  3. Your Mentor Should Keep Up With Changing Times. Your mentor might have been successful during their heyday, but they should also realize that the current business environment might call for different strategies.

    They should be in tune with reality and be willing to change accordingly.

  4. Your Mentor Should State The Truth. Your mentor should be honest with you in analyzing your business potential. They should not try to disguise any facts regarding the success or failure of your business.

  5. Your Mentor Should Inspire You. Your mentor should have confidence in you and should inspire you to do your best.

    They should treat the success of your business as their own, and put in extra effort so that you are inclined to go that extra mile when the need arises.

When you’re searching for a mentor, look for the above qualities; and when you find the person you’re looking for, follow their tried and tested path to small business success.

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