6 Tips on How to Start Your Streetwear Store

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Starting a streetwear brand seems like a fun business idea that anyone can have aside from the main day time job they are doing. You already have some ideas on the designs but you have never thought of putting them into hoodies for selling. Who knows your hoodie’s design can be a success and you can start making a good side income from. The following are 6 tips on how to start your streetwear store.

Create a Logo and Tagline for Your Streetwear Brand

Don’t just put the design on the hoodies. But, in addition to that, add a logo and a tag line. If people know your logo and tag line, they will come back searching for hoodies with the same logo if they like the design of the first hoodies they buy. The logo is usually printed on the small piece of cloth that is attached to the neck collar. However, you can also print it in a smaller font below the design on the front of the hoodies. You can even make a design based on your logo for your line of hoodies, for example, ITK who sells Stussy clothing.

Put in Marketing Effort

You must do some marketing if you want to get serious sales for your hoodies. People are not going to buy if you simply upload it to your store online. You need to spread the word about it, for example, offer it cheap in the on-site convenience store at the college and universities, wear your hoodies to the favorite place you often go and get people talking about it, or upload it on Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sites. If you have money, you can also purchase ads to advertise your hoodies. Also, download a free clothing line business plan for marketing suggestions.

Set Up a Good Customer Service Experience

You need to have good customer service in place especially when you start getting sales. Your customers will have some complaints such as wrong order shipment, and ink printing on hoodies is coming off. You must be courteous and prompt in handling the complaints of your customers otherwise your customers will never come back to you.

You can run the customer service department yourself, all it takes is a telephone and instant messenger. There is no need to hire additional staff to take care of customer complaints if your business is still not earning enough to cover these costs.

Manufacture High-Quality Hoodies

The quality of the hoodies you sell is important. You must use the material that people like. If people like your hoodies, it will be their favorite piece of clothing that they will prefer to wear wherever they go. They will be a walking billboard to help you advertise your streetwear brand for free. People will tell about your brand to their friends. When you have some promotions, they will be excited about it and buy from your store. They will support you when you launch new designs. Using quality materials to manufacture your line of streetwear hoodies also enable you to charge more and make more profits.

Ship as Order is Placed

You can print the hoodies only when customers placed the orders. It is not wise to stock hundreds of the hoodies before you get a sale. You don’t want to get stuck with them if you get no sales for a long time. When you first started selling, you don’t get a lot of sales but you still make some money. With the small amount of money you earn, you should invest back into marketing. In this way, more people will come to know about your brand and buy from you.

Outsource the Designer

You can start your streetwear brand even if you don’t have any drawing skill. You can hire an artist to draw the design for you. It is easy to outsource graphic artist online at places like Fiverr and Freelancer for minimum hourly charges. You can ask your designer friend to get involved in the streetwear store business. You can offer to share a part of the revenue when there are sales. You can ask your friends to join in the business, then you can borrow their printers and other equipment to start the streetwear store.

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