Successful Workplace Habits to Jump Start Your Day

Today’s small businesses are doing more than every before – often with less resources. Whether your business has several employees or is a one-man show, you’ll need to form new habits that will help you be more effective and productive.

In today’s highly stressed work environment, you need to develop some effective habits to improve your productivity and time management.

The following 7 mantras will help you to start your day off on the right foot.

1. Start Work Before Official Work Hours Begin

By doing this, you can calmly check your mail – electronic or otherwise – and act accordingly by replying to them or deleting them as required. Since there is less noise and interruptions early in the day, you will be able to concentrate more on finishing this quickly.

Also, in the evenings, make a list of things to do the next day and stick it in a prominent place so that they can be attended to the next business morning.

2. Set Daily Goals

Once your employees come in, have essential tasks ready to be assigned to them, so that they are finished by the end of the day.

You should also use this time to shower praise on efficient employees and to motivate the slow ones. Also, keep track of unfinished goals that might have to be reassigned.

3. Focus on the Job At Hand

Instead of taking on too many tasks at one time and not completing most of them, concentrate on one job at a time and finish it off as quickly as possible. This will give you greater satisfaction on completion of those jobs.

Proper planning for current jobs will ensure that they are completed with the least amount of delays. You can also break up big jobs into smaller ones, making them easier to complete.

4. Set Priorities

High priority projects should also be done first – and then look into the lower priority jobs. If there are too many jobs for you to handle, try delegating them to one of your employees that may be capable of handling it.

Delegation is a good way to get multiple tasks done at once. If you try to do everything yourself, you will only end up overwhelmed.

5. Resolve Not To Procrastinate

Procrastination is the bane of the small business owner – every task has to get done sooner or later. If possible, get large tasks over with early in the morning, when you are still fresh and energetic.

That way, they will not accumulate or reach a state where you are unable to complete them.

6. Schedule Meetings Only If They Have A Definite Purpose.

Only schedule meetings that have a definite purpose – and a time frame for being over. This way, you can save a lot of time that you may normally spend just gossiping or socializing.

Early morning meetings can be combined with your coffee breaks, saving precious time.

7. De-Stress Yourself at Work

Take short breaks during the day – not to do any work, but to think about your short & long-term goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Mentally, take a step back and visualize yourself floating above your work place and looking down – you will definitely feel more relaxed, and you will probably see things in a different perspective.

Taking mental breaks like this might guide you towards a different direction in solving long-standing problems. Use this time to remotivate yourself, because unless you are motivated, you cannot motivate others. Also, making your work a pleasure will greatly diminish your stress.

These 7 work habits will help you to get your day started in the right direction and make your goals easier to accomplish. All you need is a little discipline and motivation to make the above habits consistent.

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