8 Easy Ways to Go Green in Your Small Business

8 Easy Ways to Go Green in Your Small Business

With all the talk these days regarding the environment, many small business owners are looking for ways to make their business more green.

It seems that everywhere you turn, major corporations are making big changes so they can advertise their green business practices to their customers. Unfortunately, small businesses don’t always have the means to make radical changes.

However, there are many things that small business owners can do to make their operations more green.

Offering green features in your business can significantly improve your earning potential. The fact is, major companies like Amazon and Ebay are going green for a reason.

The consumer market – both on and offline – is showing an increasing tendency towards green shopping. Let’s look at a few ways you can make your small business more green.

  1. Add green products or services to your current lineup.
  2. Use recyclable business supplies in any area of your business that allows you to.
  3. Make sure your customers are aware that you are environmentally conscientious by including a tagline on your email, letterhead and other marketing collateral.
  4. Donate a portion of sales to an environmentally friendly charity or organization.
  5. Allow customers to make donations when they make a purchase, so they are aware that you support that cause.
  6. If you sell retail products, offer reusable shopping bags for a nominal fee – and stop using plastic bags.
  7. Make sure your customers know that you are making an effort to provide them with a more green shopping experience.
  8. Additionally, make sure that they are aware of your efforts to be a more environmentally sound business.

‘Going Green’ isn’t just a tagline anymore – it’s a responsible business.

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