Adios Audioblogger

As you know (by reading this blog) a blog is an ongoing online diary-style site typically posted with the most recent entry at the top. Audio blogging is where you simply create an MP3 file (which is a sound file that computers can read) and place it on your blog for others to hear. (Video blogs — also known as vidblogs or vlogs — are very similar but use video instead of audio).

Audioblogger ( allowed users to create and post MP3 file without any technical knowledge by offering a phone number that users could call where they could simply talk. That call was recorded and transferred into an MP3 format and posted on the user's blog.

Okay, that was a long description just to tell you this… is closing its doors as of November 1st.

Blogging is a great way to connect with your customers and audioblogging is quick and convenient, especially for those who don't like to type. If you have a blog and want to try audioblogging, don't despair, isn't the only company. Try

Tomorrow I'm going to talk more about this closure and put it into the perspective of the web itself.

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