Bringing Your Brand into Focus

In today's fast paced business environment, it is important for us to pay attention to new and innovative products, services and brands. In the past, brand management focused on achieving preference on the basis of benefits, differentiation and customer satisfaction, within a set of brands. However, today this scenario has changed considerably.

How to Go About It

In order to advertise your brand, you need to be very definite about how you exactly want it to be. Enlist the key points of your business operations that you would like to be recognized by. You should establish whether you are selling products or services. There needs to be certain distinct operation procedures that will distinguish you from your competitors.

Identify the Unique Selling Point

Study the market and observe what the customers are looking for. Customers always look for originality and authenticity. They will choose your products instead of others if it fulfills their specific needs. Selling involves feedback and hence you should find out how your customers feel and what more they want. Identify your USP and work towards improving it. You can even commission an expert to create a market ‘persona' for you. This involves creating the profile of a customer that you would sell to, in general. This profile is very important in the process of defining and establishing your brand. It should have all aspects of the customer's lifestyle. Make a variety of personas if required.

Identify the Overlap

Your USP is the point where the product or service meets the specific quality demand of the customers. You could have many selling points; however, you should try to recognize the major USP and center the marketing campaign and strategy adopted around it.

An effective brand strategy can give you immense credibility. The strategy will not only make you known to customers, but you can also beat your competitors with minimum effort!

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