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Tips for Building Better Business Relationships

A business relationship is like a tree – it will bear fruit only after it is properly nurtured and cared for. Business relationships can be formed between you and your employees, your suppliers and also with your customers.

Listed below are some tips that you might find useful in building better and longer- lasting relationships.

Have patience

To build a good business relationship, patience is important. Be it with customers, suppliers or employees, it takes time to build a relationship. The foundation of that relationship has to be rock solid to sustain it over a period of time, as well as withstand some minor misunderstandings that might come up from time to time.

Respect others

A business relationship will make progress if only both parties involved respect each other. That means listening to each other’s viewpoints and reaching a quick and painless compromise in cases where views do not match.

Taking one step backward can often diffuse an argument.

Be honest and trustworthy

Especially with customers, be transparent and honest in your dealings. Cheating customers can never help build long-term relationships. If the customer does not trust you completely, it will take quite a lot of effort to sell them anything.

In being honest with your employees, they will realize that they can trust you to solve any of their grievances or problems, if any. Similarly, by making prompt payments your suppliers and remaining loyal to them, your suppliers will realize that they can count on you for their steady sales – and they will provide you with great service in return.

Stay in touch

To build long-term relationships, it is important to keep in touch. To stay in touch with customers, it is better to maintain a database, which you can utilize to send greeting cards, birthday cards or just information about new products. Remember your important customers, and keep in touch with them personally.

Nurture and take good care of the tree of business relationships – and reap the rich dividend of fruits that will result from doing so.