3 Reasons to Market with a Business Press Release

Press releases are more than a way to exchange information; they are a business tool that can further your branding and marketing efforts. Learn how to use press releases to establish credibility for your organization, save time and money, and reach a broader consumer base.

You have seen hundreds of them in your lifetime. You might have even written a few for your own business. A company press release is among one of the most effective ways to promote your business for many reasons. You may not realize it, but with the right combination of press release distribution on the right topics, your business can flourish. With that said, why exactly should your business start using press releases regularly?

A Business Press Release Establishes Credibility

Press releases are different from paid advertisements because they are selected by members of the media for publication and promotion. This means that someone outside your organization views information about your business to be newsworthy. It is a testament to the credibility of your business because a member of the media has chosen to recognize a certain event, product, or piece of market information related to your business.

Press release distribution is normally conducted on a large scale; however, different media networks highlight different releases. There is an element of discretion and positive notoriety associated with a good company press release – which means it is a great way to enhance the image of your business.

A Business Press Release is Cheap Publicity

The cost of drafting and distributing a business press release is minimal. If you or one of your employees has writing skills, you can easily learn to create a good press release. There are a variety of simple templates and online guides for press release writing. Should you lack the skills or time inside your organization, it is relatively easy to find freelance writers who are capable of creating a business press release for a nominal fee. Your organization can partner with a local university to find students to draft business press releases.

Getting the press release into the right hands is also relatively simple and completely free. Press release distribution is as easy as sending a fax or email these days. With the click of a button, you can distribute your information to millions of readers.

A Business Press Release Reaches Broad Audiences

A business press release is unique because it taps into an audience that is educated and aware of what is happening in the world. People who like to read the newspaper or watch the evening news are likely to be a part of your target audiences. These potential consumers possess the financial abilities to become contributors in your organization. You might even use a company press release to tap into the pockets of investors.

In summary, you can’t afford not to use business press releases to take your organization to a new level. They are excellent means for highlighting the accomplishments of individuals in your organization, sharing information about new products or services, and building strong relationships with the community that your business serves. Use strategic press release distribution to tap into new consumer markets and generate a sincere interest in what your small business is doing.

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