Business Promotion Tips

Marketing is an important aspect of any business, irrespective of size. The success of any business depends on the demand it is able to create for its product. 

I've come up with a few tips that you can use to promote your business.

Business card: This is one of the first and last impressions that you leave with your prospective customers.  Personalize your business cards with a company logo.  Do not clutter it with too much information or color.  Your name and points of contact should be clearly visible.

Product samples: If you are selling a product, always carry a sample that you can demonstrate or even give as a freebee.  A picture is worth a thousand words, but the value of a sample product is worth infinitely more.  Attach your business card to the sample so a satisfied customer can quickly and easily place an order. 

Email addresses: E-mail is a cheap, easy and quick way of reaching prospective customers.  This medium however, is useful only once you have e-mail addresses.  You should collect e-mail addresses from prospective customers as well as others who they think may be interested your product.  You can then send out detailed product specifications.
Start a monthly newsletter: This should be filled with updates and special promotions for your products and services. It will serve as a regular contact with your customers and keep your business in their minds.
Learn to write good copy: Nothing is as off-putting as badly worded copy.  If necessary, get a professional to write your copy – your mailers are your ambassadors in the customer's world.
Testimonials from experts: Testimonials from satisfied customers or experts in your line of work help you get a foot in the door and make sales easier.

Word of mouth: This will come from satisfied customers and are as effective as a written testimonial.  Customers are also more willing to speak about your product or service than they are to commit themselves in writing. Friends and family are also useful avenues for word of mouth advertising and promotion.

Website: Create a website.  This is comparatively inexpensive and easy.  Like your advertising material this is your ambassador, so pay attention to detail – if possible, get a specialist to do it for you so that you gain maximum mileage from it.

The methods of promoting your business will depend on the kind of product or service you have to offer and the size and profile of your customer base.  You should also look at the possibility of using a combination of business promotion strategies.