Business Trends to Watch

Trends Chart It's important to be on the lookout for trends so that you can plan for the impact they may have on your existing business or the opportunities they could provide for a new one. Trendguide projects the popularity of new products and ideas by conducting online polls. So you can see what's popular based on how other visitors voted.

Trends Ideas contains thousands of articles on various industrial designs, consumer products, and architectural trends.

Google Trends shows a little of their search trends, including some powerful information about search trends by city. In addition, you can compare two or more searches to see which is more popular. (For example, type “cat, dog” into the search engine and see the difference.)

Every aspiring business owner should bookmark and review FedStats. This site collects statistics from other government agencies and displays them in one place. Put your tax dollars to work for you by reading the stats, interpreting, and cashing in on them!