Business Planning

How to Transfer Your Small Business Web Host

Small business websites sometimes need better features or pricing from a new web host. Learn how to properly handle this and change web hosts.

6 Dynamic Tips For Your PowerPoint Presentations

Learn how to make your PowerPoint presentations shine with these 6 secret, but dynamic tips.

How to Use Groupon to Boost Your Small Business

Find out why Groupon works for small business and how you can benefit through a Groupon deal.

A Systematic Strategy to Attract More Traffic to Your Small Business...

A website that doesn't function properly can turn into a liability. The money and effort used to maintain a useless online presence could be...

How Foursquare Can Increase Your Customer Base

You know the benefits of using Facebook and Twitter to help promote your business, but another social media site is making big waves for...

How to Avoid Compromising Your Home Office Data Security

Entrepreneurs and small business owners who work from home enjoy not having to pay high commercial rent for their place of business. With a...

Do You Need to Protect Your Copyrights and Trademarks?

Copyrights and trademarks can be a confusing lot for the small business owner. They are considered valuable assets by giant corporations and guarded vehemently. ...

7 Tips to Improve Your Sales Page Conversion Rate

The name of the online game is conversion. Whether your advertising budget is slim or generous, your conversion rate is what will determine...

How To Promote Your Small Business on Flickr

Small business owners are aware of the benefits of using social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and even YouTube. But one consistently overlooked...

How To Use Your Customers for Product Ideas

Every product has a life cycle. Whether it is a tshirt for a single event, this season's fashion, or a widget that lasts for...

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