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7 Strategies for Building a Great Online Business

When you consider that more than 2.5 billion people from across the world log onto the web every day, making your online presence known is vital.

Localization of Software And Applications: The Untold Benefits

Trying to use an application is frustrating if you don't understand the interface. Here's how to fix it using localization of software and applications.

Are You Prepared for Forex Trading?

For most rookie traders, it is not simple to define the right time of a day for trading. The most disturbance comes from their interest in big profits.

Online retail – how to give customers the best delivery experience

Running a business comes with many priorities, but there’s nothing more important than ensuring your customers are happy.

3 Negotiation Phrases to Counter Customers Who Want a Lower Price

Customers who only focus on pricing are usually your worst clients. Use these 3 negotiation phrases to counter the customer who wants a low ball price.

7 Must-Do Activities to Convert a SaaS Free Trial Into a...

You can greatly influence whether a free trial SaaS prospect upgrades. Follow these 7 "must do" activities to increase your SaaS free trial conversion rate.

Getting the Most from Your Company’s Next Q&A Session

Here are a few guidelines for maximizing the effectiveness of your interactive q&a session after any company presentation.

Consultant Hourly Rate: How to Set Your Consulting Rates

Here's a quick way to calculate much you should charge for your hourly consulting rate. Whether you provide consulting services or add value to your product line by individualized consulting, you should price your services based on your value. Use this process to set your consultant hourly rate.

Emerging International Markets for Ecommerce

"It’s a small world" is a saying that’s becoming more and more true each day. The advent of the internet brought about a change...

How to Organize a Business: Business Organization Tips

Good business organization can keep your operations running smoothly. Follow these 7 tips to on how to organize a business so your company runs like a well-oiled machine.