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Timely news related to your business to share with contacts and generate interest in your services

WannaCry: What to Tell Your Contacts That Other IT Firms Aren’t

Copy/paste this news alert about WannaCry to generate interest in your IT services. The alert includes information on the recent attack, warns of looming attacks and provides a call-to-action to encourage readers to contact you for guidance. Send this text today to help get your phone ringing with new business opportunities.

Start IT Sales Conversations with This Timely Cloudbleed Alert

MSPs: send a security alert about Cloudbleed to everyone you know. Here's what to say.

Quick & Easy Marketing Tip for Thanksgiving Week

Use this holiday marketing tip to reinforce your status as a reliable IT expert — and encourage prospects to reach out to you. Take note of how we recommend phrasing your message to make a powerful impact on your prospects and clients.

Copy/Paste This Security Alert About STRONTIUM

Newsjacking opportunities like this don't come around often. We've drafted text that you can copy/paste and use right away, including a call-to-action to get prospects to contact you. Follow these step-by-step instructions to gain more traction for your IT services business.

How to Use Weather Forecasts to Get More Data Backup Clients

Read how to use the news about impending bad weather to your advantage to sell your data backup services.

Timely Thanksgiving Marketing Idea for IT Support Companies

This week (Thanksgiving) is a perfect newsjacking opportunity to market your IT support business.

Windows 10 Release Delayed – What to Tell Your Contacts

Microsoft recently announced that they are delaying the release of Windows 10 to the general public. As an IT service provider, this is an ideal time to send an alert to your contacts to help solidify your position as an expert who knows the pulse of the industry. Here's what to tell your contacts about the news.

What to Tell Your Contacts About Stolen Dropbox Passwords

There are breaking reports about 7 million passwords allegedly being stolen from Dropbox. Use this timely opportunity for you to show off your IT muscles and connect with your contacts. Read these step-by-step marketing instructions on exactly what you should do right now.

eBay Hacked: Why You Should Alert Your Contacts

Another big company got hacked. Another place you have to update your password. Here's why you should alert your IT clients about the eBay data breach.

What to Tell Contacts About IE’s Newly Discovered Security Flaw

Alert your clients and prospects about the newly discovered Internet Explorer security flaw, which has prompted the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security to tell some users to stop browsing the web with IE altogether. Just copy and paste the text we wrote for you.