Conducting Successful Sales Meetings

SalespeopleI know, I know — I hate meetings too! But, sales meetings are powerful sales tools that help to access valuable information and training that helps all the employees to perform better. The main purpose of these meetings is to get the sales staff equipped to adopt hard-core selling. Sales meetings often turn into a redundant waste of time with boring lectures. Without an agenda and objective, these meetings can be useless.

Key to Successful Sales Meetings

If you are a manager, you need to identify interesting ways of holding a sales meeting. Make efforts to find meaningful and fresh content each week. Be prepared to inspire and motivate the sales team for better results.


The most important factor to be kept in mind while planning a sales meeting is punctuality. Strive to begin and end the meeting on time. As a business owner, you need to lead your team by example. If a sales representative is always late, sit with him, express your expectations and enlist his support.

How to Start the Meeting

Before the meeting begins, take printouts of the meeting's agenda and distribute it among the sales team. Start the meeting with a sales quote. Make sure that when you discuss office production, it is related to the team as a whole. Provide marketing updates and details of the training schedule to the team. Do not forget to stress the importance of attendance.

It is very important to recognize and appreciate a good performance. Award a trophy to the ‘sales representative of the week' and acknowledge his/her efforts. Remember to end the meeting on time. Don't let a particular topic drag on for too long if it isn't very important.

These strategies ensure a powerful, value packed and successful sales meeting each time they are implemented.