Copy/Paste These 12 Headlines to Sell More IT Security Services

When you share news and tips that people can relate to (in other words, a story), your point will resonate with prospects much more than if you simply talked about your IT security services.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

If a prospect is hesitant to buy your security services or thinks “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” use these headline examples in your email campaigns or blog posts. These are designed to get prospects to see themselves in a realistic scenario rather than thinking they’re immune to attacks.

  1. How Your Webcam Can Be Used to Secretly Spy on You
  2. Update This Setting to Prevent Windows From Disclosing Your Private Information
  3. This Fake Email Can Turn Your PC Into a Cyber Attack Robot
  4. Simple IT Security Solutions That Could Have Saved $10,000 in Ransomware Payments
  5. New $5 Tool Allows Anyone to Record Your Keystrokes, Including Bank Logins
  6. How Cyber Criminals Trick Your Staff Into Divulging Private Files
  7. Warn Your Staff About This Malicious Email
  8. How to Spot a Fake Computer Virus Warning
  9. This Cheap, Nasty Ransomware Encrypts Files Across Your Network
  10. New Ransomware Targets Your HR Department with Fake Resumes
  11. Why Hackers are Vigorously Going After Healthcare Records
  12. How Yahoo’s Latest Breach Can Leave Your Business Susceptible to Hackers

Include a Teaser and Link to Informative Articles

If you send an email newsletter (strongly recommended), use the headline as your email’s subject line. Then, repeat the headline as an article in your newsletter.

Below your headline, include a brief summary of the news flash. This should pique your reader’s interest and get them to think, even for a split second, about their company’s cyber security. Some readers will click to read the full article, but most will not.

And that’s perfectly okay. Here’s why.

Your goal in sharing stories like these is to build mindshare. You are growing your brand’s identity by connecting it with IT security and keeping companies safe from hackers.

Always Close with a Strong Call-to-Action

A catchy headline is just the starting point to create awareness. Equally important is a strong call to action. This is set of words in the closing of your newsletter’s teaser that drives a person to call or email you to start a conversation. If you don’t include this, you are letting an opportunity slip away.

You must have a strong call-to-action in order to close more sales.

Writing these words can be challenging, especially if you’d rather be solving a client’s technical problems than racking your brain figuring out the psychology of drafting marketing text.

Use Curated Newsletters

Using a low-cost service like Curated Newsletters can automate the entire process for you.

Every month, professionals create your entire email newsletter. They identify appropriate articles from numerous websites, draft catchy headlines that tie your IT services to the article, create engaging teasers and write a strong call-to-action to encourage readers to reach out to you.

Each word is painstakingly chosen to optimize the effectiveness of your email newsletter and position your company as a trusted, reliable IT expert.

If you’re trying to do it all yourself and not getting very far, make a change. Outsource your marketing to professionals who do this every day. You’ll get better results, save time and money.

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How to Act On Your Clickstream Data

The simple fact that a prospect is getting useful tips from you will prompt them to think of you if they suffer a data breach or have an IT issue. It could be 1 month, 6 months or a year till they call. As long as you continue to associate helpful security tips with your brand, you will stay top-of-mind.

Those who click are interested enough in the topic to get more information. Tools like Curated Newsletters and Presstacular keep track of who is clicking on each article so you know who is interested in what. This tells you where your lowest hanging fruit is.

When you see readers clicking related articles repeatedly, CALL THEM! They are likely a candidate for your services. If they’re already a client, it can indicate that you have an upsell opportunity or they have a need you are not yet fulfilling. Contact them before they talk to other IT companies.