Twelve Affirmations to Success: Steps to Business Success

This column is the final installment of our series: “12 Steps to Business Success.” Today, borrowing on the common self-help practice of “affirmation for action,” here are the “12 Steps” presented as promises to yourself. Many people credit success and sought after behavioral changes to the use of affirmations – perhaps you will as well.

1. Understand Yourself.

“I pledge to strive to understand myself and the motivations for my actions and goals as I bring my personality to my new business knowing my habits and attitude become part of my venture.”

2. Have a Sense of Urgency- Getting Things Done.

“I pledge myself to develop a leadership style that gets things done. A style based on action not conversation. I will cultivate a sense of urgency.”

3. Apply Yourself – Don’t be Lazy.

“I will realize that success will only come through my efforts and hard work. I pledge to avoid the temptation of laziness and push my business to success and prosperity one day at a time.”

4. Be Organized.

“I will realize that being organized in pursuing my goals is the foundation to building a successful business. I will strive to avoid chaos and confusion.”

5. Keep Your Emotions in Check.

“I will work to avoid actions based on my moods and emotions to create an atmosphere of stability in my company”

6. Master the Art of Saying No.

“I will understand that saying no is not negative thinking, but a survival skill. To prosper, I will learn to say no to unreasonable demands from employees, suppliers, and customers.”

7. Practice the “Golden Rule” in All of Your Affairs.

“I will strive to be honest in all my affairs, as I know that dishonest dealing and greed will color my ethics, diminish my self worth, and cloud my decision-making skills leading to a failing business.”

8. Avoid the Perils of Expansion.

“I will no longer equate bigness with success. I will understand that growth and success are not the same. Obsession with growth can lead me into bankruptcy.”

9. Ask and Follow Up.

“I will not hesitate to ask for customers and their business. I will not wait, nor feel hesitant about selling my products or services. I will realize a common failing is not following up on my actions.”

10. Manage your Money: Your Most Important Asset.

“I will view cash as my most important asset. I know I will fail if I run out of money. I know that not paying my employees, my telephone bill, my electric bill, my taxes, or my landlord can put me out of business.”

11. Recognize the Risk.

“I will ask myself before committing my money, my lifestyle, my future, and my business: if things don’t work out, can I afford the risk? I will learn not to confuse entrepreneurship with gambling.”

12. A Sure Way to Fail: Quit too Soon!

“I will work to understand that quitting too soon is planning to fail. I will stay with my business regardless of its problems as long as it is my choice.”

What ever your approach to creating a profitable business is, remember: Success requires skill, resources, and positive behavior reinforced by maturity, honesty, and perseverance. As to luck, think of it as dessert, not the main entrée.

Article © Copyright 2002 Dr. Paul E. Adams. Syndicated by Paradigm News, Inc.