Sports Store Uses Opt-In E-Mail to Attract Customers to Site

Part of our series on E-Mail Marketing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The small Southern California town of Kernville is an unlikely spot for a thriving online mountain- and paddle-sport shop. Yet, Sierra South [], founded 13 years ago, has thrived in that remote locale. The Sierra South Web site was originally launched in late 1996 when Kernville didn’t even have phone lines capable of sending and receiving e-mail.

However, the small company has used an opt-in e-mail format to help its Web site grow and prosper. Recently, the company dumped its print catalog and now offers only an online version. How did Sierra South utilize e-mail to its benefit?

The company offers a newsletter, the Sierra South Rapid, to certain customers. Customers join this mailing list by filling out a form at the company’s Web site that asks for their names and e-mail addresses. Customers who join this service receive site updates and paddle-sports-related news and information. Additionally, customers can opt for the site’s “Information Request” service. Customers on this list receive sales and other special offers.

The owners of Sierra South, Tom Moore and his sister Marianne Moore- DeChant, have been advised to make sure their customers know exactly how the company plans on using their personal information. It is important to ensure to your customers that their private information will be protected and not sold to third parties.

The owners have stated that their business has increased as a result of direct e-mail marketing.

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