Company Attracts New Clients With Direct Marketing Campaign

Case study on one company's efforts in banner advertising and email marketing.

Net Vital Technologies provides network solutions to the IT community. Net Vital wanted to reinforce its position as a leader among networking solutions providers. The company was looking for ways to reinforce its dominance and complement its banner advertising efforts.

The company decided on a direct e-mail campaign. In exchange for contact information, visitors could download a white paper from a unique URL at the Net Vital Web site. Net Vital would gain information about its visitors that could be used in future direct marketing campaigns and as sales leads. It was important to Net Vital to offer a free incentive instead of a sales pitch — they thought this method would give them a better chance of generating future sales leads. Net Vital used the Network World Fusion list and the CIO e-mail list of IT professionals to select three job functions that were of relevance to its offer. Net Vital created three separate e-mail messages and corresponding URLs that were specific to each of the three job functions.

The e-mail messages directed respondents to the corresponding URL. This ensured that respondents could be easily tracked and categorized for future reference. The total list of names was split into three groups and messages were sent out in four-day intervals. There was an 8.5 percent response rate on the first two transmissions to the Network World Fusion list and a 9 percent response rate to the CIO list. Response rates to the third transmission were slightly lower.

As a result of this campaign, Net Vital shifted 40 percent of its banner advertising budget to e-mail list rentals. Net Vital believes their response rates were so high because they only used opt-in e-mail lists as the basis for the mailings.

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