Chrome Release 68 Marketing Bundle – Get IT Security Clients Fast

chrome 68 marketing bundle

How to Leverage Chrome Release 68 (due in July) to Get IT Security Clients Now

This Google Chrome Release 68 Marketing Bundle can help you get more IT security clients quickly. It is designed to make you look like the IT security expert that you are.


Get prospects to start conversations with you about their IT security, even if you don’t provide website services or use Chrome.

Each document in this marketing bundle includes a strong call-to-action that encourages readers to contact you for IT security advice and assistance.

Window of Opportunity: Now Through August 2018

This marketing bundle capitalizes on the timing of Google’s Chrome Release 68. Use this bundle to capture new business quickly before your competitors do.

In fact, if your clients have websites that are not encrypted, you are making it easy for other IT companies to steal your clients away from you. Don’t let that happen! Use the documents in this bundle to reinforce your position as an IT security expert.

If your website is not encrypted, follow these instructions to fix it without a web designer. It takes about 5 minutes: How to Secure Your Website Before Google Releases Chrome version 68

This bundle will help you start sales conversations about IT security quickly. It can help you blow past your sales quota!

This Chrome Release 68 Marketing Bundle Includes:

Marketing material to use before July 2018 (before Chrome release 68 goes live)

  • Detailed 746-word article for your blog or website about what Chrome 68 will do if a prospect’s or client’s site is not encrypted (https) – includes a call-to-action to address other IT security issues so you can use this article even if you do not provide website services.
  • Readers will understand why it doesn’t matter if they use Chrome – over 60% of the market uses it, which means 60% of their website visitors may see a security warning starting July.
  • The article asks the important question about a company’s overall security: if a prospect is using another IT firm and doesn’t know about this serious security issue, what other security issues could be looming?
  • The article closes with words designed to get the reader to contact you for guidance.

Marketing material to use starting July 2018 (once Chrome 68 is live)

  • Informative 506-word article for your blog or website about the security warning – includes a call-to-action to encourage prospects to contact you for an IT security audit. This will be very handy once companies start seeing security warnings about their website starting July 2018.
  • This article encourages the reader to contact you for assistance in removing the Chrome security warning that their visitors are now seeing.
  • It also recommends a full IT security audit and positions you as the expert who can help.

Email campaign with 6 different message options

Use these email campaign variations to target different audience segments before and after Chrome release 68 is published.

  • Email campaign 1 – pre-release: send to your current clients who have not encrypted their website
  • Email campaign 2 – pre-release: send to companies you pitched but who hired your competitors and prospects who have not yet hired you
  • Email campaign 3 – pre-release: send to current clients, whose websites are encrypted, to request referrals from their networks
  • Email campaign 4 – pre-release: follow up to send after campaign 3 – text that your clients can share with their customers and partners to refer IT security business to you
  • Email campaign 5 – post-release: send to current clients if they still have not encrypted their website
  • Email campaign 6 – post-release: send to prospects if they have not encrypted their site

Also Includes Strong Call-to-Action Text

Each document in this marketing bundle includes a call-to-action. This encourages people to reach out to your IT company for guidance. It will help you start sales conversations so you can close new IT security business, regardless of whether you offer website services or use Chrome.

Just like our MSP website content kit, this bundle fully editable so you can change the text for your business. It’s always easier to edit than to write from scratch.

You can modify the call-to-action at the end of each document to mention the services your company provides. We included a list of options to make it easy for your tweak. If you do not provide a service that is mentioned in the call-to-action, simply remove it from the text.

A Quick Way to Generate IT Security Business

Few opportunities come along that are ready-made for getting IT security business. Once Google publishes Chrome release 68, every single website that is not encrypted will be affected.

Companies will be looking for security experts to fix their site. By being proactive and informing your contacts about this inevitable security alert, you can generate IT security business quickly.

Leverage the simple task of securing a prospect’s website into doing a full security audit. It’s easy with the email campaigns we’ve included. Copy/paste to use them in your marketing.

This window of opportunity is limited. All of the documents in this bundle are written by an IT marketing professional, author of the #1 bestseller, The IT Marketing Crash Course.

Get this kit today and start generating sales conversations right away!

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