Email Marketing Campaign: Selling Security Risk Analysis

IT security risk analysis offer - email campaign

Goal: Offer an IT Security Risk Analysis

Get your foot in the door of your prospects by offering a security risk analysis using this pre-written email marketing campaign.

About This Campaign’s Messaging

This carefully crafted email marketing message talks about how the massive Equifax data breach was preventable if they had simply applied an available security patch. It goes on to mention other notable breaches.

Most importantly, it highlights the fact that hackers are targeting small businesses.

Just about everyone you come in contact with has heard of major data security breaches. However, they may not realize how “at risk” they are, especially if they run a small company.

This email campaign leverages frequent news reports about security breaches. It also has links to news articles that talk about security breaches within small businesses. If you have related content on your website or blog, you can tweak the content to use your links.

You can modify the text in the campaign very easily with information about a new breach that may have just occurred.

When to Send This Campaign

The messaging closes with a strong call to action to encourage your contacts to reach out to you for an IT security risk analysis or assessment.

It also includes a note to ask for referrals from other people your contacts may know.

Send this campaign to your prospects to generate interest in your IT security, remote monitoring, patch management, and data backup services.

An ideal time to send this campaign is 1 or 2 days after a major IT security breach is reported in the news. Tweak the text to reflect a line about the latest breach. It will be on people’s minds so when they see your message it will resonate with them. This increases your chances of getting a response.

Other Information

Very tightly written to encourage quick response, includes a recommended email subject line and fill-in-the-blank spots for your contact information.

Word count: 188