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Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

Almost anyone can write a direct mail piece. I'm often asked, though, what actually makes a direct mail piece convert. After all, you're not sending a mailing just for the sake of sending it – the point is to actually make money doing it! Below is my 3-point attack for making your direct mail campaign a success!

What is a Direct Mail Campaign?

Direct mail campaigns are one of the best ways to acquire new customers. The first key to success is a well-written mailing piece. You need to be able to write an effective message that gets customers to respond. The costs involved in printing and postage are also not cheap. The best part is that through a well-written message, the mail campaign has the power to bring in customers in droves, meaning the writing is what will make or break your campaign.

The Benefits of Well-Written Mail

A well-written message helps create an image in the mind of a prospective customer. He can visualize an enhancement in his life by purchasing the product or service that is advertised through the direct mail. This is the very reason for your direct mail campaign in the first place – to allow the customer to see the advantages of what you have to offer through your product. You win when you are able to do this.

Ways to Make Direct Mail Truly Effective

The appearance of the direct mail envelope (or postcard) is the starting point of the whole process. If the customer finds it interesting enough to open it and read, then the opening lines of the letter should be able to grab the attention of the reader and make him read further. You should provide reasons for your customer to keep reading by offering product benefits.

Frame them by placing yourself in the customer's shoes. Would you buy it if you were in his place? If you have testimonials of third parties to support your product, include them. Construct your mail in a simple and easy to understand way. Give explicit instructions and provide a toll free number or a postage paid card to enable the customer to easily get in touch with you.

Direct mail campaigns are very effective in generating fresh business. The key is to write an appropriately worded message that is clear, precise, polite and attractive to the customer and offers good benefits in service and costs.

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