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Email marketing continues to bring a high ROI (return on investment) even in tough economic times.

There has never been and will never be a fool-proof form of marketing.

With that being said, would you rather a $45 ROI or a $7 ROI? That’s the difference between email marketing and print catalogs.

If you are new to the world of email marketing, it would be in your best interest to hire someone to help you get the most for your marketing and advertising dollars. If you want to go it alone, here are tips to help you find success.

Test Your Message

A report published by MailerMailer in 2008 discussed a test they did with various subject lines. Some were longer than others.

They found that more people opened the email that had a shorter subject line, a open rate of 22%, versus an overall open rate of 17%.

Test your messages to see what kind of content and subject lines works best to grab your audience’s attention.

By testing a random sample prior to sending out your real message, see what you need to do to achieve a higher open rate and therefore achieve a higher ROI.

The 2008 MailerMailer email marketing metrics report contains many other valuable email marketing tips as well.

Spam Words

Don’t use words that are commonly used by spammers. Doing so increases your chances of being sent straight to the SPAM folder.

Send on Sunday and Monday

The email marketing metrics report found that messages sent on Sunday or Monday achieved the highest open rates – and the highest click rates.

Give Readers a Reason to Click

To achieve a higher click rate, be sure you send a well-designed email that offers information of offers that are going to be of genuine interest to your target audience.

Include More than One Link

Another great email marketing tip is to give the reader more than one reason to click on your link, you will increase the chances that they will do so.

Here are some terms that will help you measure the success of your email marketing campaign.

Open Rate

This is the number of people who open your message, versus the total number of emails sent.

Click Rate

This is the number of times a unique user clicks on a link versus the number of opportunities that were made available to do so.

The following example appeared in the MailerMailer email metrics report: A message sent to 100 people with 5 unique links in it that get 10 unique clicks would have a 10/(100*5) = 2% click rate.

Bounce Rate

This is the number of emails that bounce back to the sender. Some reasons could include that the server is down or the email address is no longer valid.

Figuring out what will work best for your business is a matter of trial and error. If your first email marketing campaign isn’t an overwhelming success, try tweaking some things and giving it another shot.

Many small businesses, in a wide variety of industries, find that they can achieve a high ROI with email marketing. Try out these email marketing tips to create a successful and profitable email marketing campaign.

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