9 Sweet Employee Perks: HR Strategy That Benefits Everyone

With employees resigning at record rates, offering these important employee perks can help you retain your best staff.
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Have you ever thought of what was the right HR strategy for you? It’s important to offer employee perks to show your team how valuable they are to your organization. Therefore, we encourage employees to create an appreciated culture within their own company. 

It isn’t any new strategy but has long been that way. The idea is that employees who are treated better perform better to gain momentum in the business world. Most companies are starting to realize that offering flexible schedules, unique perks, and more are the main goal for productivity. 

Well, let’s not wait any further because, in this article, we will identify the top x employee perks you should include in your HR strategy. 

Hopefully, you get inspired by these ideas for company benefits

9 Employee Perks to Use In Your HR Strategy

Flexible working schedules

Maybe you are or aren’t offering flexible working schedules at the workplace. However, Generation Z especially wants this the most. This is due to the lifestyle they pursue, “the work-life balance.” 

The flexible work schedule is an under-appreciated perk by most hiring managers that still work with a traditional mindset. However, it’s a modern workplace approach and offers a high level of flexibility for the younger generation that love remote work. 

Shifting work schedules that best fit an employee’s lifestyle definitely comes a long way and promotes happiness in an employee’s lifestyle. However, many experts still believe that offering flexible schedules encourages a much healthier lifestyle in employees. After all, life isn’t only about being a workaholic but also having fun. 

Above all, when employees feel appreciated, they’ll start contributing to the business more and be motivated to work harder for the business. 

In fact, according to a 2018 report, more than 80% of workers said they would instead choose a flexible working schedule over one that doesn’t offer one. 

Employee recognition

We can debate all day, but your top talents will likely leave anytime soon if you run a business and don’t appreciate your employees. This is even more important for virtual teams, and a moment of gratitude can significantly make team members feel closer than ever to each other. 

This is especially important when you are dealing with remote teams. Moments of gratitude and recognition can really shift the way employees feel. Nevertheless, if employees don’t get enough credit, they’ll most likely go to your competitor anytime soon. So, you want to be aware of this and ensure it doesn’t happen to you. 

Businesses that have a higher level of employee recognition will have a 31% lower turnover rate. Therefore, it’ll help keep a healthier team and business in general, so you should pay special attention to it.

Staff recognition is also a no-cost employee perk. It will keep your team motivated.

Offer parking alternatives

If you work on-site, parking is an essential factor many employees who come by car will pay special attention to. Nevertheless, creating a parking policy is essential for your business and sometimes might be stressful to do so if you live in a heavy-traffic area. 

Company parking policies are one of the only methods that can help find spots for employees. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that companies who want to be fair to all of their employees might impose the “first come, first served” mentality, but that doesn’t always work and isn’t the best practice when parking is limited. Therefore, there are many alternatives to choose and here are some of them: 

  • Flexible approach 
  • Mixed approach 
  • Paid parking 
  • Reserved staff spots 
  • Parking credit

Mental well-being support

Mental well-being is quite a vital trait in the workplace. Both from a financial and personal perspective. Counselors or therapy access are a few ways to reduce financial burdens for your mental health support. 

Some of the most common ways to take good care of your employees are to offer them an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), reducing the stress and concerns they may have. EAPs can offer 24/7 assistance and allow employers to help their employees feel more comfortable. 

You can consider group meditation and hold mindfulness sessions as a cost-friendly alternative. Nevertheless, this allows employees to focus on their inner state and is one of the best ways to focus on mental health. 

Fair vacation days

Many employers will pay special attention to their vacation days and personal leave. However, this isn’t the way to go, and not only will it cause severe liability, but it might also result in team members experiencing a sort of burnout, causing them to leave the company and consider other options. 

So, what is one benefit that experts advise? Well, it’s giving employees opportunities to pursue their personal passions. This doesn’t only ensure that they aren’t frustrated with their chances to have more than one vacation a year, but also the fact that they can consider long weekends. 

Some experts might call it “unlimited vacation,” which is a term that allows employees to take as much time as they need off without fearing penalties and more. Nevertheless, they won’t need to stress over days when they need to be somewhere else and how it’ll affect their performance. 

After all, productivity is some of the most important things as you start a small business, and if your employees don’t feel reset and good enough to work, you will only damage them and your business. 

Monthly lunch

Another low-cost approach, depending on your perspective, is that bonding can be stronger when you choose to have lunch with your employees. Above all, it’s part of business culture and an excellent opportunity to show employees that they are essential to your business. 

Never forget your employee’s values and reward them time after time. What better way than to give them a free lunch and connect on a deeper level? Or, even if you can’t make it, you can send them a voucher to keep costs lower. Either way, a free lunch is never a bad idea and will make people bond together, boosting their overall morale. 

Health insurance

Health insurance is definitely not something employees will let go of. If you offer it, it’s an additional benefit that most want to have. You never know what tomorrow might hold, so it’s best to provide employee perks like health insurance. After all, you wouldn’t like it if they missed a day of work, would you? Therefore, it’s best to keep; them protected and keep in mind that even when you have an open job position, applicants will largely be influenced by insurance benefits. 

Above all is health, and it’s the most important factor that directly relates to an employee’s productivity and lifestyle. 

Home office budget

What exactly do we mean by a home office budget? Especially if you have a remote team, offering your team a home office budget is one of the ways to make your employees stay productive. This includes offering them a comfortable chair, quality furniture, and more. 

Buying all the needed equipment can be quite a challenge, but as an organization, you can help make it possible by creating the perfect workspace for your employees. 

Alternatively, you can try setting up a home office budget perk program to send funds to your team in less than five to ten minutes. You can set a limit on how much employees are allowed to spend. 

Furthermore, you can create gift cards for furniture and technology, which will help set up an office space, no matter where your team is in the world. 

A gift or a free drink

It’s Friday, and you are about to close the office or tell your team to have a fantastic week. How good would it be to give out free drinks as a minor way of celebrating the weekend? How relaxed could everyone be because it’s the weekend and what not better than to have a drink to celebrate! 

Pick the Employee Perks for Your Business

Hopefully, you got the chance to learn many new things throughout the article and are already thinking about implementing these practices into your HR strategy. 

Your employees should be a top priority for you, and whenever you offer them the best, they’ll value your company more and be excited to be part of it. Nevertheless, providing employee perks like health insurance, a free drink, or anything else is something they will remember. 

However, if you avoid showing them appreciation and offering them benefits, your competitors will be closer to hiring them.

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