eNewsletter Content and Design Tips

Here are some great tips for creating effective enewsletters.

eNewsletter Design

Some people make the mistake of trying to cram as much information as possible onto each page. This makes the page look cluttered, and thus the design is not pleasing to the reader.

Instead, put one focal point on each page along with a couple of secondary items. Do not be afraid of white space. Leaving a wider margin and some blank space at the top and bottom of a page will make it easier to read and gives it a more pleasant look.

The Inspiration

If you need inspiration for your enewsletter design then pull out some newsletters that you have received in the past.

Also, look at magazines to learn which fonts are easier to read, and to pick up on other design tricks.

Study the pages you are using for inspiration. How much white space is there? How much room between the columns? How large of a font is used? Pay attention to details.

eNewsletter Content

What should you include? What should you leave out? Obviously, the most important thing is to get those on the mailing list to open the enewsletter.

To do this, you will need to include valuable content, not just fluff.

If there is no good information included in your newsletters, then future newsletters will probably be deleted before they are even opened.

You must learn about your audience and then include valuable content for that audience.

Keep It General

Unless you are writing to a very specific niche audience, then do not include content for such an audience.

For example, if your target readership is pet owners, then include content valuable to all pet owners rather than, say, horse owners. No dog owners are going to bother reading your tips for training a horse.

Try not to repeat your content more than once a year. Also, while the writing doesn’t have to be worthy of a Pulitzer Prize, it should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

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