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Word of Mouth Publicity: Ensure Word of Mouth Advertising for Your Business

Word-of-mouth publicity is the best kind. For one, it’s free. For another, you are almost sure to convert prospects that have been referred, since your existing clients have already sung praises about your products and service.

Clients that have been referred only require a small nudge to make a purchase, as compared to completely new customers. Below are a few ways that you can ensure continuous word of mouth publicity for your small business.

Develop an Innovative Product With a Unique Service

You should develop an innovative product, or acquire the rights to sell a product exclusively through your small business.

This will create an image of exclusiveness around your company and will compel more prospects to check out your products. Once the first batch of clients starts buying your products, then their reports will ensure that others customers sit up and take notice.

Start Talking Every Chance You Get

You can start speaking in public. You can speak during conferences and workshops about the various facets of your industry. This will help in you reaching out to a wider section of people, and will slowly establish your name as an expert.

If your product knowledge is really good, and you can start solving difficult problems or put forth new ideas that will develop a buzz about you and your company. Very soon, that will result in more people talking about your achievements and coming to check out your business.

Satisfy All Your Clients

You will need to work extra hard especially during the tough times when the pickings are slim, but the competition is ruthless.

Satisfied clients are the cheapest and best way to ensure continuous word of mouth publicity – so go all out in satisfying your clients, especially when it comes to quality service.

Get regular feedback from your clients and act immediately on any complaints or negative feedback about your products and services.

Offer Special Discount Packages or Freebies

Another good way to ensure continuous publicity for your small business is to offer special discount packages or freebies along with select products. This will enable you to get publicity; but might also be a little costly to execute since it will eat into your profits.

If you can predict a dramatic increase in sales due to this move, then go for it. It is a well-known fact that along with increased sales will also come the advantage of much-needed publicity.

Create a Sensation With Well-Known Industry Players

If you have contacts with anyone in your industry or a related industry that is well-known, then you could invite that person for a special occasion to your store or to submit a testimonial for your online business.

You should also ensure that enough publicity is generated in various media regarding your invitation. This will generate a lot of publicity, and people who have visited your store or website on that particular day are sure to tell their friends about their experience.

Try out some or all of the measures mentioned above, and watch your small business grow!

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