Enterprise-Level Password Manager: What Does It Do? 

An enterprise-level password manager is software that lets users generate, store, and manage passwords with more control for corporate access.
enterprise-level password manager

Password manager is software that lets users generate, store, and manage passwords online. This is important for both personal and small business accounts. For larger companies that require more controls for access, enter the enterprise-level password manager.

Enterprise-Level Password Manager

This enterprise-level password manager takes care of medium-size to large-scale businesses. It requires a more stringent and “harder” form of security due to the bigger scope of the companies that it serves. However, it doesn’t mean that your standard password manager is any less secure. In fact, they almost always have the same level of security that they provide in any given situation.

So, what is the difference between a standard password manager and an enterprise password vault?

Other than storing and securing your passwords in a secure vault an enterprise-level manager can protect your business data from both internal and external threats. It can be situated either on-premise or in the cloud, as it prevents hackers from stealing master passwords, secrets, access credentials. Most importantly, the enterprise password vault manages and runs your privileged accounts.

This where the system automatically documents and controls any and all information about movements in the company.

What are Privileged Access Accounts?

Privileged access accounts are accounts that are at the core of enterprise-level password security. This is the very reason why enterprise-level password managers were created. Privileged accounts are basically made up of both human and non-human generated credentials.

The creators of the enterprise-level system recognize both the power and risks of managing privileged accounts. The proper management of those risks could spell the difference between effectively securing your company’s data, or leaving it open to a potential breach. This could both happen internally and externally.

Privileged access is basically administrative power given to the owner and to some key personnel. They are the ones who can share and make changes to keys and passwords that can open critical company data. These accesses need to be closely monitored and controlled to the tee.

Given that mostly humans are the ones interfacing with the system, experts in this field declare that human intervention is fallible and needs to be addressed. Thus, it is highly recommended for any company to use an enterprise-level vault. This is so that the human factor that is zealously secured, closely monitored, and well managed. In recent times it has become possible through automation. A case in point is the enterprise-level password manager.

Qualities of an Excellent Enterprise Level Password Vault

Stronger Passwords

At PassCamp, this enterprise-level manager can assist your employees in avoiding weak passwords. They can do this by using the system’s built-in strong password generator as it prevents any breach at a much deeper level. Also, using the software prevents your employees from reusing old and weak passwords.

Provides Advanced Protection

With this enterprise-level password vault, your employees can store 9, 191 or 9101 passwords securely. This is without having to remember all of them as every item is always encrypted and properly authenticated. Only the owner and authorized user can have access.

Moreover, the owner or the employee can also use one secure Master Password that he can apply to access all of the data securely.

Easier Collaboration Among Employees

To discourage your employees from sharing passwords through emails and chats, why not have them use a system that allows them to send and share information safely. Only the owner and the recipient will ever see the message that was sent.

Looking at a global perspective, this vault helps you share information with your partners, independent contractors, and clients in a controlled environment It mitigates if not eliminates the potential of a cyber attack or data breach.

Moreover, the system can be modified to set up specific features and requirements that will suit your company. Flexibility is achieved while your data remains secure both in transit and in storage.

Increased Control Over Data

In an enterprise-level password manager system, items like passwords, access credentials, PIN, etc., are automatically monitored and documented. The owner will always have access to the history of his data and will always be notified of any edit or sharing that has been done. This mostly applies to the fact that employees generally come and go.

It is then critical to change credentials in real-time for security reasons. The owner then immediately revokes access and updates the credentials that are left behind by employees who have resigned from the company. This feature eliminates the risk of external attacks by disgruntled former employees. This capability is also very important to the security of the data of the company as a whole.

We can conclusively say that if you want a password vault that can scale up with you and your business, the enterprise-level password manager is for you.

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