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Executive coaching can help you make better business decisions, be a stronger leader, and unleash your potential.

At MoreBusiness.com, you'll work with a results-driven executive coach who understands you as a business leader, someone who has had to manage P/L, sweat payroll, and can relate to you as a C-Suite peer.

We'll help you channel your brilliance and create transformative change in your life and in your business.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching Definition

Executive coaching is a structured process that helps you clarify your vision and remove the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams. It guides you through challenging personnel situations, questions your priorities so you can focus on the most impactful activities, and reinforces new habits and thinking that empower you to thrive.

Another way to look at the definition of executive coaching is to think about top performers, such as athletes and performing artists. All of them have professional coaches to help them fine-tune and upgrade their skills. More and more executives today are seeking out business coaches to help them improve performance in all kinds of professional situations.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

What Exactly Does a Leadership or Professional Coach Do?

A skilled executive coach, or leadership coach, uses thought provoking questions that enable you to zoom out and see issues from a different perspective. Your coach helps to create awareness of new approaches and game-changing ideas. The process is designed to spark innovative thinking to work through the challenges you or your teams are facing. It pushes you to hone in on the areas that you can improve and implement solutions that will have the most impact.

Most importantly, a leadership coach helps keep you accountable. Through regular monthly (or more frequent) meetings, you will uncover themes in your life that could be holding you back. By making incremental tweaks and methodically reflecting on the outcomes, you create transformational change in your life and career.

Confidential Conversations

A Safe Space for Open Dialog

Executive coaching works when you and the coach are able to share openly. This requires confidential coaching conversations so that you are in a safe space and can freely discuss the topics that are important to you.

Just as a doctor or lawyer maintains your confidentiality of privileged conversations, we maintain strict confidence in all of your business coaching sessions.

Growing as a leader is a process of discovery. We want you to be able to express your concerns, fears, challenges and victories without any judgment and with the comfort to be vulnerable without negative consequences.

Our Coaching Leadership Style

Executive Life Coach

We believe that there is no separation between work life and personal life. What happens at home affects your work. What happens at work affects your home life. This is especially true for executives who carry the weight of their company's growth 24/7.

Our coaching leadership style strives to help you look at your strategies, priorities, tactics and teams from different angles so you can discover fresh approaches. Our executive coaching services have the goal of making you better at work, better at home and better able to navigate the nuances of every aspect of your life.

Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching in Washington DC Metro, including Maryland and Virginia

There are many executive coaching styles so it is important to find right one that fits where you are in your life and career. Our focus is working with C-Suite executives and emerging leaders in small to medium size companies who are looking to accelerate their sales and possibly create an exit opportunity for themselves and their leadership team.

There are three options for our executive coaching services:

1. Individual Executive Coaching. You will meet with your coach one-on-one at least once a month, set goals, metrics, and agree upon how to be held accountable.

2. Peer Advisory Groups for CEOs and Emerging Leaders. A popular business coaching option is to join a peer group that we host. This enables you to share and learn from your executive peers in non-competing companies. This option includes monthly one-on-one executive coaching services.

3. Internal Company Leadership Group. Many executives would like their leadership teams to experience the benefits of executive coaching. We can set up a complete coaching program for your key team members to help them achieve new heights.

We are located in the Washington DC metro area. For one-on-one meetings, you can choose to have your executive coaching in DC, or any surrounding area in Maryland or Virginia, or online.

Once we are able to meet in person post-pandemic, group meetings will rotate each month at a member's office or restaurant/club of their choosing.

Not sure which option is right for you? We can help you find the right answer. Let's start with a conversation.

Group Leadership Coaching

Business Peer Advisory Group

Learning from a peer group in a safe, confidential setting allows you to be vulnerable, go deep, and experience tremendous personal growth.

Join a group of no more than 16 members, each of whom is in a non-competing industry. Group leadership coaching allows you to hear the experiences and challenges of other executives. They collectively help you problem-solve and you reciprocate by participating in the business peer advisory group to help them.

You will see your life playing out in other's lives and hold each other accountable for progress. Regardless of whether something new you try from the group leadership coaching experience was successful or not, your group pushes you to take action and discuss what interfered if you weren't able to move forward.

This enriching experience creates deep bonds and further empowers you to blossom both personally and professionally.

Online Business Coach

Online Business Coaching Services at Your Convenience

The pandemic forced a digital transformation onto every industry. As Zoom and Google Meetings became the norm, our executive coaching services expanded to offer an online option. Rather than connecting in person, you can meet at your convenience remotely.

Our Washington, D.C. location puts us in the U.S. Eastern time zone. Online business coaching services are available during regular business hours and are scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient for you and your business coach.

Small Business Coaching

Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Far too often, strong performers are thrust into positions of management, leadership or executive ranks because they are doing well in their current role.

This seems like a logical step in career progression. After all, if you show that you can handle responsibility and are conscientious about your work, then managing others, whether by circumstance or through a formal promotion, is a sign that your organization’s leadership thinks highly of you. They anoint you with a new title and give you added responsibilities.

Larger organizations may provide managerial and leadership training to help prepare their promising team members for bigger roles. However, small businesses have smaller professional development budgets. They often need a detailed process to train newly minted leaders to think like leaders, where they learn to zoom out and explore the deeper reasoning behind critical business decisions.

This is where an executive coach can have an enormous impact. Your small business leadership coach can help your entire team expand their mindset. It will enable your small business to gain strides in operations, productivity, marketing and other critical areas that are important for business growth.

Marketing Coach

Coaching vs. Consulting

Strong marketing is critical for growing your business. We provide unparalleled marketing expertise to help you think through modern marketing techniques, key performance indicators (KPIs), search engine optimization, branding, communications and much more.

There is a difference between marketing coaching and marketing consulting. Many companies have marketing team members that are very good at execution, but they need guidance to help formulate detail plans and foresee what should happen next and why. A marketing consultant typically executes the ideas and concepts developed in the marketing plan.

Our services, as a marketing coach, are designed to help you and your team evolve into marketing leaders. We help you with the rigorous thinking required in today's competitive landscape and work to create sustainable marketing processes that propel your growth.

Meet Your Executive Coach

Raj Khera

Raj Khera is a former CEO and CMO of three multi-million dollar B2B SaaS businesses that were all successfully sold to public companies. He is the executive leadership coach and publisher at MoreBusiness.com.

He has led and inspired cross-functional teams across three continents and has coached leaders to perform at higher levels that increase productivity, sense of purpose, and happiness.

What Executives Are Saying

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Raj through a Vistage group. What a great role model...innovative, kind, savvy and wicked smart. He pushes himself to continually grow and top his past achievements...not an easy thing to do when he's already had so many.

Raj is a continual source of inspiration and support. A best of breed CEO!

Nancy Belmont

CEO, Vessence Corp.

Because of his C-level experience, Raj can relate to the scenarios I face as an executive. It enables us to talk intelligently about options, potential outcomes, and actionable next steps.

He is an entrepreneur's entrepreneur and understands what it's like to start very small and painstakingly build and scale a multi-million dollar business since he's done this a number of times. His ethics and considerate nature are invaluable in a coaching environment. I give him 5 stars out of 5!

David Coakley

Senior Vice President, Bluestar SeniorTech

I have worked with Raj in a variety of positions across two companies during the past 6+ years. Raj is highly regarded as his deep technical knowledge is equally balanced with a clear understanding of marketing and business management.

Raj is someone I trust to give me quality feedback that I can use without question.

Richard Rist

Founder & CEO, Intellor Group Inc.

How to decide if Executive Coaching is for you

Leadership coaching comes in many styles. Picking the right coaching style that works for you starts with a discussion to see if you and our executive coach are a good match. Enjoy a free coaching consultation and decide for yourself if you like our style and approach.

Raj is extraordinarily gifted in marketing, and always goes the extra mile to help his colleagues and friends. He is a highly successful businessman, serial entrepreneur, who runs his companies in a thoughtful and methodical way, with compassion toward as well as high expectations from his employees.

I would recommend Raj as a partner or vendor without qualification. He is one of the finest people I know.

Bruce Kehr, M.D.

Founder & Executive Chairman, PainScript

A consummate entrepreneur, marketing expert, and leadership coach, Raj works to grow revenue with innovative as well as traditional business programs and by developing the talent and leadership capabilities of others.

He helps you find a path through and around obstacles to make progress and have impact every day. Raj is generous with his expertise, experience, and perspective to help managers develop into leaders. Such a pleasure to work with him.

Michael Peterson

Vice President of Corporate Development, Cricket Media

Raj is one of those rare individuals who have sharp business acumen, great communication skills, and are still humble to the core. He is my favorite go to person whenever I get stuck at work and need leadership advice. And without fail what comes back is something that is eminently actionable and if put into action moves you forward.

I have certainly benefitted from his "rules of thumb" and his legendary ability to tell stories (another one of his superpowers) makes it all the more fun.

Mac Gupta

Head of IBM Channel Marketing, Rocket Software

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