Ezine Marketing Tips

Ezine Marketing Tips

Interested in knowing the tricks of ezine marketing? Then you need to think beyond the basics. Try communicating with an ezine owner for a joint venture via the telephone. Internet business owners are generally reluctant to interact with people wanting to forge a relationship, but this is one of the best ways to bag a good deal!

  • Use a powerful ‘call to action' in your advertisement.
  • Contact an ezine owner through snail mail for joint ventures, as contacting one via email is generally difficult due to the many emails they receive each week.
  • You should contact an ezine owner and check whether they would be interested in free video tutorials. Then, you could turn a submitted script into a video presentation using Power Point. You can then present the video clip every 2 to 4 weeks.
  • While designing an advertisement, avoid selling anything to anyone. Instead offer something completely free, to entice readers to sign up. You should format an ezine advertisement carefully before you send it to the publisher. If your text lacks proper formatting or looks unprofessional, it may not be accepted. You should enter into a contract with the ezine owner, promising at least one quality article every month.

Using the above Ezine marketing tips will help you to put your product in quality ezines, gaining more exposure and sales for your business.

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