Facing Business Trials

Just recently my business passed a couple milestones I had set for it. That's always exciting, but business is not always good news. There are many times when things get rocky. Perhaps it's an unusual situation or an upset customer or a problem with a supplier. It's in those times that we need to keep a level head to make good business decisions but those are the times when we're least capable of doing it.

My advice? BEFORE a crisis hits your business, do some contingency planning. Dream up a dozen crazy scenarios (or just think back to some of the ones you've faced already) and establish a step by step best practice for when that happens. Write it down. Keep it handy. When the crisis hits (and it will) pull out your list and go through it step by step. Wherever possible, create proactive strategies to keep the crisis from happening.

Oh, and make sure that every crisis solution starts like this:

  1. Keep your chin up. This is a temporary situation and you will get through it.